Make a new Directory in your account.

Go to Banner Generator...... HERE

Banner Text - Write your name here

Font Type - Choose from Drop Menu (I used Brock Script) Scroll to bottom of page to see examples

Font Size - (I used 45 for 9 letters) Try different # to get the size you want

Border Size - 10 or 20 (I used 10)

Text Color - Choose from Drop Menu. (I used green,yellow, and cyan) If you choose "Custom"..... Scroll to bottom of page for Color Chart & RGB.

Background Color - Transparent

Click Webtv & MAKE BANNER

Transload to your Directory & name it 1.gif. The next ones will be 2.gif, and 3.gif.

Repeat the steps (2) or more times. The only thing you change is the color, everything else stays the same. Keep hitting back until you return to Banner Generator

When you are finished with all the colors go to your directory and get the URL for your Index page. It will look something like this....... http://xxxxxxxxxx/xxxxx/J1/

Take the URL of your Index to IM.......... HERE

Enter the URL & Click View

Click Output (top left)

Check gif & multi-frame file
Delay - 75
Loop - 0
Click Output

Click on your name to get the URL & Transload

Have Fun!