Roger Howarth on Donahue 1994

On May 17, 1994, Roger, appeared with seven other male soap opera stars, on the Phil Donahue Show.

One of the first audience questions was for Roger. A young woman asked how long it took to put the scar on Todd's face. J.LeClerc (ex-Jeremy, CITY), reached over and pretended to scratch the scar into Roger's face. After the laughter quieted down, Roger told her that they glue the scar on, and that it takes about 10 minutes to apply.

Roger also commented, that he was "completely, 100% different", than the guy he plays. Donahue asked him if he was a professional soccer player, and Roger answered, "No! Heavens no." He explained how he had played soccer, from the time he was a little kid, all the way up to age 18/19 years. He was on a team that played in Europe, Brazil, and other countries, but it was an amateur team---he never got paid to play.

One of the last questions that day, was to Roger, from a woman who wanted to know how he liked working with the little tykes, who played CJ and Sarah Roberts. He answered that the kids were great, and he enjoyed working with them. Roger also said that since the kids couldn't work but a few hours a day (child labor law), it meant he could go home early on days he worked with them.

During the closing credits of the show, Donahue mentioned that Roger was up for a 1994 Daytime Emmy, in the "Younger Actor" category. (Roger Howarth did win that Emmy!)

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