The Saga of Todd & Blair

Todd Manning and Blair Daimler started chumming around together, mostly because no one else in town wanted to have anything to do with either of them. They played an on going game to determine which one of them was the "most pathetic." Everything changed on the day that Todd had attended the reading of his father's will---and Blair believed her lover, Cord, had chosen his ex-wife Tina over her. She showed up at Todd's motel room, and they wallowed in their misery together. Blair talked Todd into dancing with her, which, eventually led to them sleeping together at Blair's place. Which led to other things......

Blair instantly regretted having slept with Todd, when Cord called her that same night. The fact that she wanted to behave as though it had never happened, did not sit too well with Todd. He told her that she would never fit into Cord's world, but Blair insisted that they keep it under wraps and she continued to pursue Cord.

When Blair learned that Todd was the true Lord heir, she decided that she should go to Key West and let Todd know who he really was....but before she could get out of town, Cord left her behind to go chasing after Tina. To make matters worse, St. Anne's, where her mother Addie was institutionalized, started on her about paying for her mother's care. After she found Todd, she lied to him, telling him that she was pregnant with his child, hoping he would want to marry her, and take away her financial problems with his forthcoming trust fund. Todd didn't want anything to do with it, at first. But he ended up back in Llanview, and he and Blair decided to go back to Key West and get married.

Todd stopped Blair, when she wanted to go to the bathroom to use birth control. Todd said "You're already pregnant right?" Blair had to scrap the idea, and this resulted in the conception of Todd's son.

Todd had difficulty adjusting to married life, but he did the best he could, especially knowing he had married Blair while she was still in love with Cord.

When Todd learned from his sister, Tina, that he was the real heir to 28 million dollars, he became suspicious of Blair's motives for marrying him. He bought a pregnancy test and insisted that Blair take the test to prove she was pregnant. This led to an argument....but Blair took the test, and to her surprise, it was positive. Todd ended up apologizing to her, and asked her to give him a chance to make the marriage work. She agreed, and the marriage moved to a new level after that night.

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