Video Demos & Bios

One great way to get noticed by Music Venue bookers is with a Video Demo. Many an Artist have thanked us for helping them get a gig with a video demo showcasing their act in a creative Music Video.

Here's How It Works

We shoot 3 to 5 songs, (unless you already have prepared Music Videos), then we pick the best from the footage. We then build your demo including clips of the songs and any media interviews you or we may have in our archives. We will also shoot a UZ interview with you for the demo. Also promoted are any albums you may have released and contact numbers along with your web site address. The footage will be edited together in a documentary/news report style that we will show as a "UZ Special Report" on The Uncharted Zone. The Special Report/video Demo will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel available for you to embed the Video Demo to your site or Facebook or send it in an e-mail with your Press Kit

Sample Demos

The Above Video Samples Are Shown At Various Qualities.

NOTE: To receive the below price, a signed release form allowing us to air music videos must accompany payment, otherwise the price will be doubled.

Click Here For Artist Release Form

Video Demo: $350.00
Price includes any necessary shooting & editing time. The Special Report will showcased on UZ and be uploded to our YouTube Channel but if you also want a DVD copy of the Video Demo that includes The Special Report and a chapter with all of the songs that were shot as well, our price is $20.00 + $1.50 sales tax for Florida Residence, NOTE: If mailed, there will be a $3.00 S&H fee added to total). You can then copy the disc yourself or order copies from us.

NOTE: Payment Is Due On Shoot Date.

NOTE: Live audio may require a Sound Person at an extra cost unless you can provide a CD recording of the performance, otherwise an open mic shoot will be necessary with your overall volume possibly affecting the sound quality. Open mic shoots have very been successful in the past, requiring NO sound person but it can't be guaranteed.

NOTE: All projects are shot with a Hi-Def camera and edited Digitally and all copies are directly from our Digital Master.

For more information or to set up a shoot, call (850) 453-KATT or e-mail