LOCAL TV Commercial Production Rates

Standard TV Commercial Production Rates:

A One Location Shoot of Your Business or Product, Complete With Voiceover and Music Bed. Regular Price: $350.00

Enhanced TV Commercial Production Rates:

Extra Locations Within The UZ Viewing Area Are $100.00 per Extra Location.

Talent Fees:

NOTE: You have the option to bring your own talent if you like.

Spokesperson Talent Fees:

$100.00 Per Spot

Actors & Models & Dancers:

$50.00 per Hour, Per Actor, Model or Dancer

Comedy or Storyline Commercial Creation Fees:

$150.00 Per Spot

Jingle or Theme Song Creation:

$350.00 Per Jingle or Song $400.00 and Up If Performer or Band Appears In Spot. (Some Performer May Charge More For An Appearance)

Use Of Music Beds Within Our Library Is FREE

Payment Policy:

Payment in full is required on shoot date.


$20.00 Data CD with AVI File or MPEG File Copy

S & H $4.50 extra if necessary

$20.00 DVD Copy

S & H $4.50 extra if necessary

For More Information or To Set Up a Shoot or Meeting, Call: (850) 453-KATT or e-mail: Phil Thomas Katt