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Tamar: Saving Sea Turtles This site documents the endangered life of sea turtles along Brazil's Atlantic coast. Project Tamar members have released 2.8 million turtle hatchlings to the sea. Great photos of mother turtle and hatching baby turtles!

I think the work Tamar is doing is wonderful. This is one of my favorite sites! You definitely should have a look!!!

Turtle Trax An exceptional and extensive site with lots of sea turtle info. From underwater interaction and play, to the threats to their survival; with lots of photos and links.
N.O.A.A.NOAA's Ocean Sciences Sea Turtle pages. Always informative, educational and up to date with many links and photos.
N.M.F.SThe National Marine Fisheries Service, a branch of N.O.A.A. Environmental impact studies. Conservation, biology and the dangers to sea turtles. Includes info on all six species of this protected animal.
The Office of Protected Resources Plans and education for the protection of sea turtles. Individual information on all six sea turtle species. This site is also NMFS but since I couldn't find a direct link between the two, I wanted to include both.
Marine Turtle ResearchProfessional scientists and student volunteers dedicated to undertaking fundamental and applied research on marine turtles worldwide. A one-stop internet reference site. Newsletter, symposium, bookstore and lots of links.
Marine Turtle Research Center-Ostional Costa Rica

Interesting page!

MontagePlus-Greentrack In 1999 a small satellite-tracking unit was fitted to a green sea turtle. This project tracks the progress of this turtle as she left Cyprus and embarked on her annual migration.

Interesting page!

Ocean Web Sea turtle research. Navgation and migration habits of sea turtles

Interesting page!

Ocean Link Canada's Pacific National Aquarium. A self-supported, non-profit association dedicated to effecting the conservation of aquatic sea life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action.
Vancouver Aquarium
Sea Turtles Facts
Vancouver Aquarium presents answers to FAQs about sea turtles. Find out about conservation efforts and learn about the turtles' life cycle.
Hawaii Wild Life Fund A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Hawaii's native wildlife through research, education and conservation.
Sea Turtle Postage Stamps Just an incredible collection of sea turtle postage stamps from around the world!
More Links More sea turtle links

shark links

University of Florida Shark Research Program at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History.
University of Florida Homepage for Ichthyology Education at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History. Great marine biology site. I realize I've included their site twice but I like having easy access to their homepage. There is so much to learn here!
Fiona's Shark Mania Current shark news, links and free Newsletter. An exceptional site with lots of graphics and links.
Klaus Jost
Klaus Jost's wildlife, nature and underwater photography worldwide. from White shark, Breaching Great White Shark, Tiger shark, Bull shark, Lemon shark, of Sharks and Sea Birds and Underwater pictures from all Oceans.
Aumakua: Shark Guardians of Hawai'iHistory and lore. Sharks of the Hawaiian Reefs and their role in our eco-system. Very interesting and informative.
Eposharks: All about SHARKS The Leading Belgian Shark Site! One of the most dedicated sites I've ever visited. Conservation, basic biology, shark attack info, news, art, animations, clipa, comics, glossary and much more.
Steward's Shark PageExploring and disspelling the myths about sharks
Graceful Catshark's Shark Cove This site has a lot of heart with emphasis on education and conservation.
KEVIN'S SHARK PAGES New. Interesting & well done
Shark Glossary Just a really great quick resource and reference site.

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