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Photograph Orders & Copyright

This page is under construction
Any inquiries concerning orders for photographs must be
dealt with through e-mail at this time. Allow 2 weeks for
delivery. If you need something sooner you may want to
e-mail me to see if I have anything on hand.

All of the people, box and marine life photos
on my pages, except for the dolphins and whales
(see the "Photo Credits" page),
are copyrighted (even if I haven't gotten around to re-annotating
the year on each individual photo), and may not be used for
any purpose without payment and/or written
permission from me.

The photographs on these web pages have been
extremely optimized for faster page loading.


Gallery Index
1.Handcrafted Creations: Dolphin & Whale Boxes
2.My Underwater Photo Gallery I: Special People
3.My Underwater Photo Gallery II: Green Sea Turtles
4.My Underwater Photo Gallery III: More Marine Life
5.Underwater Photo Gallery IV: Dolphins
6.Underwater Photo Gallery V: Humpback Whales
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