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"Linkage To Our Blue World"

NOAA National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Oceanic, Earth and Space Sciences; rescue and preservation technology; education & teachers resources. Extensive photo library, from space images to coastal shores: marine life from great whales to the smallest plankton.

ET Earth Trust My Favorite!
This is one of the most effective and innovative wildlife conservation organizations. Cost effective protection programs and a wealth of information including an online free marine biology study course and free internships.
Also see:"Mystery of the Silvery Rings"

BMP Breach Marine Protection
If you're not afraid of a harsh reality check go to this site and find out what's really going on. Breach is a voluntary organization which pays no salaries to its campaigners. All money is for the issues. Formed in '94 by disillusioned people who had previously worked for years with some of the largest so-called enviornmental/conservation groups. A true to the cause organization!

JDL Jack's Diving Locker
The best in the business as far as I'm concerned! Some of the most caring, conscientous people I've had the pleasure to know, dive and work with. If you're ever on the Big Island of Hawaii, a stop by their shop is a must!

CSI Cetacean Society International
A great all volunteer, non-profit conservation, education and research organization dedicated to global preservation and protection of all cetaceans. Check out their quarterly newsletter and action alerts. groups.

Coral Reef Alliance
A non-profit organization that promotes coral reef conservation around the world by funding protection efforts & raising awareness. Up to date info and many promotional events.

MCS Marine Conservation Society
The UK's national charity for the marine enviornment and it's wildlife. Lots of info and photos.

MCS National Marine Sanctuaries
Here you'll find important info about our nations sanctuaries; how they're managed; scientific and educational programs and many ongoing events.
American Cet. Society American Cetacean Society
One of the oldest protection agencies. Lots of different ways to help. Things you can actually do besides just monetary assistance. Great info.
Please go to their
"Urgent Action Alert" link concerning the sonar threat.

Living Oceans Living Oceans
National Audubon Society

Living Oceans is the marine conservation program of National Audubon Society. Audubon's Living Oceans uses science-based policy analysis, education, and grassroots advocacy to put science to work on behalf of marine fish and ocean ecosystems

Oceania Project Oceania Project
A non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness. Nice site to visit. Lots of info and photos. Based out of Queensland, Austrailia.

reef relief Reef Relief
A non-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving & protecting living coral reef ecosystems through local, regional & global efforts.

center for marine conservation Center For Marine Conservation
Committed to protecting the ocean enviornment and conserving the global abundance and diversity of marine life.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Check out the Central Library

National Marine Sanctuaries

€International Dolphin Watch
"Helps people to help dolphins to help people" Info, photos and links.

€Sarah's Dolphin Pages
A really nice complete little site to visit.

€Dolphin Tales
Mega Photo Source!
A Beautiful site with stories, poems & lots of info.

€Dolphin Divine
All about dolphins,
including a huge graphic collection, dolphin awards to apply for and great links.

€Les & Karen's Dolphin World
Some public domain photos, graphics & info

€The Mighty Buckmaester
Lots of animated pics of dolphins plus 150 sites of all types of animals!

€Blue Dolphin Homepage
Mike Oldfield's site, lots of whale stuff

€Kimber's Dolphins Homepage
Lots of animated graphics!

Gallery Index
1.Handcrafted Creations: Dolphin & Whale Boxes
2.My Underwater Photo Gallery I: People
3.My Underwater Photo Gallery II: Green Sea Turtles
4.My Underwater Photo Gallery III: More Marine Life
5.Underwater Photo Gallery IV: Dolphins
6.Underwater Photo Gallery V: Humpback Whales
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