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Keiki Dolphin Box
(Pronounced: kay-key)
This box is available in Hawaiian Koa,
Birdseye Maple and Myrtle Wood
Koa Keiki Dolphin:    $195.00
Maple Keiki Dolphin:  $175.00
Myrtle Keiki Dolphin:  $175.00

St. backdolph

Straight Back Dolphin Drawer Box
This design is available in
Hawaiian Koa and Birdseye Maple
Koa Straight Back:    $260.00
Koa Curved Back:     $300.00
Maple Straight Back:  $240.00
Maple Curved Back:  $280.00


Humpback Whale Box
The Humpback Whale Box is available
in Hawaiian Koa and Birdseye Maple.
Koa Whale Box:     $600.00
Maple Whale Box:  $550.00
Also see:View with top door open

dolph wave box

Carved Wave Dolphin Box
This box is available in
Hawaiian Koa and Birdseye Maple
Koa Carved Wave Dolphin:      $700.00
Maple Carved Wave Dolphin:  $650.00

To place an order, click the E-Mail address below.
Please include your return email, phone number and
address. When your order is received, I will send
confirmation of your order with an invoice for
the total cost of the purchase. Your order
will be shipped upon receipt of funds.
All boxes are sent "priority mail", unless
otherwise requested. At this time, we will
be accepting only a money order, check
or a cashier's check. Make payable
to Victoria Jensen.
For orders outside of the U.S.,
email me for shipping costs

Allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery depending on
the design you order and how back ordered I am.
If you need something sooner you may want to
e-mail me to see if I have anything on hand.

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