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Here we go again. I just got word today that the wonderful George Perez has left us. Even though he made the announcement back in November that he was on borrowed time, it was still kind of a shock. And so soon after Neal Adams’ passing. This just never gets any easier.

I got to meet George once and he was everything they say. I also got to be drawn by George, but by way of tribute, I’ll reproduce the great excitement that engendered here by including my write-up about it from the defunct Comics Bulletin website. Best of all, I knew George got to see it as he posted it on his old website. For context, I made my submissions to George on January 2, 2014. Who knew that a mere 8 years later, we’d be saying goodbye?


I recently got my hands on a comic that I’ve been anxiously awaiting for several months. It’s George Perez’ new mini-series for BOOM! Studios titled SIRENS. I don’t think I’ve been so excited to get a book since I first joined eBay and successfully scored a copy of Adventure Comics #353, a favorite from my childhood. The reason this time wasn’t nostalgia, though.

First of all, George Perez is unquestionably one of the greats who have left an indelible mark on the industry with his work on Teen Titans, Wonder Woman and Crisis on Infinite Earths, to name just a few. He has an incredibly loyal fan following and is a favorite on the convention circuit. To boot he’s a tremendously nice guy who is madly in love with his wife. What’s not to like about George Perez?

So, back to the SIRENS book, that actually got renamed from the original title of SHE-DEVILS. I first got wind of the project in the latter part of 2013. George sent out a casting call on Facebook that included the following:

Hey there, everybody! As many of you know I am currently working on a creator-owned series for BOOM! Studios called SHE-DEVILS. After many months of setbacks due to my medical issues and the time it took to develop the first story arc, I am finally ready to begin penciling.

As some of you may also know, as in my previous short-lived creator-owned project CRIMSON PLAGUE, my desire is to populate this series with as many friends and fans as the story will allow. While I have already cast my lead characters and several other parts, there is still a need for many more roles to be filled and, thus, this open “casting call.”

He then went on to describe how to be considered and where to send photos. So I said to myself, “Self, this is an amazing opportunity.” I then went to my dear wife and persuaded her to snap some pictures, which I fired off to the provided e-mail address on the day after New Year’s.

I then proceeded to wait.

Then on February 21 I got a note from George through Facebook:

I’ve been sending sneak previews to my SHE-DEVILS cast members and wanted you three to see this page where each of your character makes his first appearance.

Whoa! I made the cut! Now the really hard part was waiting for the finished product. For some reason that escapes me, the title was changed from SHE-DEVILS to SIRENS and the announced publication date was mid-September of 2014.

Meanwhile, George was a participant at the 2014 Denver Comic Con in June and I live not too far from there. Going to see him was a no-brainer. Fortuitously, I went with my beloved to the pre-con party at Mile High Comics and George was there, so I walked up and introduced myself and he said, “I recognize you!” He kindly autographed my sketchbook and did a little quick sketch of a profile of Martian Manhunter for me and indulged me with a photo and it was just a blast to chat with him for a little while. It turned out to be a very good thing that I took the opportunity to go that night, too, as you couldn’t get to him with a crowbar at the con. As I said, he is a standout fan favorite.

Sadly, my local comic shop doesn’t carry BOOM! Studios wares, so I had to mail away for my copy of SIRENS #1, but it was worth the wait. Not only did George do his usual stellar job, but it looked even better with color and now that the dialogue was inserted, I discovered I had a few lines and even had a name: “Stroud.”

How cool is that? Very cool, indeed. While I’ve never much aspired to be a cosplay participant, I figure this is one character I could truly nail.

Thanks, George!

Godspeed, George. You made fandom so much fun.

In about two weeks, we should be back to whatever passes as normal. Do stop by and do share any inputs you might have here: professor_the@hotmail.com.

Always remember…

Long live the Silver Age!

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