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You wouldn’t be off the mark referring to The Silver Lantern and of course my little Sage feature as nostalgia. We enjoy looking back with great fondness at this era for various reasons, not the least of which is that the comics were just really great, enjoyable fare. Here and in our memories (and reprints and originals on our personal bookshelves) they can live on.

Would you believe I found a new book that feels just that comfortable? It’s true. There will be more to come, too, but for an unfortunately limited time.

I’d first heard about “Joe Kubert Presents” when I interviewed Sam Glanzman back in May of 2009. He told me he’d been recruited and done some work for the title, which excited me and also led me to believe we were in for an anthology book. Not since Joe’s 6-issue mini-series in 2008 when he reprised his Tor had I been so enthusiastic about a new comic.

I waited…and waited. I don’t have clue one what held things up, but make no mistake, it was worth the wait when I got my copy of issue #1. If you’d like a preview, go here:

http://www.dccomics.com/galleries/preview-of- joe-kubert-presents-1

I own the Hawkman paperback of the classic reprints by Gardner Fox and Joe and this Hawkman story that kicks off the book would seamlessly fit with them, even though Joe took on the writing detail. It’s a prequel of sorts and it’s like seeing an old friend again. Twenty-two pages of aerial adventures with Hawkman and Shiera, encountering Earth and its wildlife and a hostile native tribe and doing what they do best, saving the day with their wits, flight and flat out capability. Joe’s art is as good as it’s ever been and I just loved it.

Next up is a story about Angel O’Day and Sam Simeon, aka Angel and the Ape. The 8-pager is some wonderful comedic fare and there are some terrific “inside” gags throughout, along with a nice tip of the hat to Bob Oksner and even a familiar-looking cab driver who seems to be none other than…Joe Kubert.

After that fun little romp it’s a new Kubert rendered tale, all in pencil called “Spit.” While I’ve not yet had the pleasure to read them, I’d bet a week’s pay it’s very similar in feel to Joe’s more personal work such as “Jew Gangster,” “Yossel,” “Fax From Sarajevo” and “Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965.” It follows a young waif along the unforgiving docks and the 5-page introductory story is full of the stark longing the young boy feels for the simple needs of all human beings.

Then a 3-page text and art piece by Joe called “Inner Thoughts, et al” explaining just how this project came about and what he was hoping to do with it. Just to show how long it gestated, he talks about how it was inspired in part by a conversation with Paul Levitz, who green-lighted it.

Finally a new 10-page story of the U.S.S. Stevens courtesy of creator Sam Glanzman, told and drawn as only the old sailor can do it. Small wonder he was in the ranks of the Big Five war story spinners.

I can sincerely say I enjoyed every page. And by the way, other than a plug on the inside back cover for three of Joe’s graphic novels, there is not a single ad in the entire publication. The back cover is a block of text by Joe under the title, “Be Careful What You Wish For…” “It’s axiomatic that delivered wishes can turn out to be uncomfortable if not downright painful. But, sometimes, things work well. This is a book I wanted to do alongside top artists with whom I wanted to work. Sam Glanzman and Brian Buniak are outstanding talents doing what they love to do…and their stories show it.

Indeed they do. Best of all, there are 5 more efforts coming down the pipeline, including a new Sgt. Rock story by Joe and Paul Levitz. There is much to look forward to in the next few months, though it is a bittersweet thing. I feel very much like this is a parting gift from Joe and I only wish I could tell him once more how much I enjoyed his work. I can’t recommend this enough. Go out and buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

This was an unconventional edition of the Sage, but I really wanted to make everyone aware of this great new treasure. Things should be back to normal next installment, which will be the final edition for 2012 and in the interim, feel free to speak your mind to professor_the@hotmail.com.

Long live the Silver Age!

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