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Dear Boys and Girls:

First, we would like to thank you for having bought this DC magazine, even though it cost you two cents more than usual. Obviously, you like our magazines and consider our stories worth the extra two pennies. That makes us feel mighty proud!

However, we think we owe you an explanation as to why it was necessary to raise our price, after successfully publishing comics for over 25 years at 10. Over these past years the cost of producing our magazines has steadily risen. We have to pay more for art, engraving, paper and printing. You, too, have to pay more for most of the things you buy. U.S. Post Cards, which used to cost 1, are now 3. Sodas and telephone calls were a nickel, now they are double that, ten cents. Hot dogs also were a nickel, now they are at least a dime, 15 in most places. Everything costs more today than just a few years ago. Your parents have to pay more for food, clothing and rent.

The retailer who sold you this magazine has also been affected by rising costs, and so has the company that delivered the magazine to him. All of us will share the additional 2. Although some of our competitors are now charging 15 for the same size comic magazine that we produce, we feel that 12 adequately covers our rising production costs, and is therefore a much better value for you.

We feel confident that you understand the necessity for this slight adjustment, and will remain loyal fans. For our part, we promise to redouble our efforts to maintain the same high standards of publishing that have produced the world-famous line of SUPERMAN-DC Comics.

Sincerely yours,

The Editors.

P.S.: Our GIANT ANNUALS will still cost only 25!

1961 National Periodical Publications Inc.

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