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Vicente Alcazar: As for the personal questions I always liked to draw comics and was fortunate to start publishing young in England where I had studied Art. The question of being an artist or not was not for me a mindful decision.

At my arrival to the states, Al Williamson who I had met through a common friend told me to show my work to Neal (Adams) so I got an appointment and went to see him at the 48th St. studio. That day through Nealīs deference I got another appointment with DC editor Archie Goodwin and got my first American comic book commission.

Upon learning that I was to work on it in my hotel room, Neal offered me renting working space in his offices for what I remember was a very good deal.

I guess it was sheer luck to be at the right time in the right place.

Living in Venezuela I would visit NY several times during the year and I made of Continuity my working place. There I attended my business and would collaborate with the Crusty Bunkers with some rush job.

I must say I have very fond memories of those years working along with people that loved doing the same thing I did, all of them talented artists. There I met friends that last up today with special mention to the late Gray Morrow with whom I shared work, laughs, family and travels.

Continuity was the best thing that happened to me. It was the door that opened my work to the world of American comics and gave me the chance to work alongside with the talent of the moment.

Presently I am engaged with English editor DC Thompson illustrating B/W war stories and have a graphic novel in store.

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