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On the planet Braal, there are whole species of animals of living metal.  Some of these are monstrous creatures, which are very dangerous.  The humans of that world would long ago have fallen victim to these brutes if they had not evolved a method of combating them—magnetic powers which enable them to attract or repel certain metals, such as iron and nickel. 

It was on this planet that Rokk Krinn, son of Hu and Ewa Krinn, was born.  When he was in his teens, a financial depression struck the entire world of Braal.  Times were hard and jobs were difficult to come by.  Since the people of Braal consider a person grown at the age of 14, Rokk decided to do something to help his family.  He figured his magnetic powers would be useful in some industry on the planet Earth—so that's where he headed. 

It was just at this time that two other alien young people with super-powers chose to visit our world—Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen.  Garth and Rokk met soon after they reached Earth and they roomed together.  One day, they happened to be at the same place as Imra—and the three of them used their powers to save the life of the richest man in the universe.  So impressed was he that he suggested they form a crime-fighting organization, which he would finance.  This was perfect for Rokk, since their benefactor, Mr. Brandes, included ample money to support them and their families.  The full story of the Legion's origin will be told in a future issue.  Suffice it to add that Rokk, Garth and Imra became, respectively, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, and they have since used their magnetic, electrical and ESP powers to battle evil throughout the universe. 

Rokk brought his parents and his kid brother, Pol, to Earth, where the new Legion of Super-Heroes was headquartered.  They live in a cottage in one of the suburbs of Metropolis.  Oh, yes—Cosmic Boy became the first leader of the Legion.  He has since been succeeded by Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid.

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