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The Brave and the Bold features Batman & Wonder Woman #87, Wildcat #88, The Phantom Stranger #89, Adam Strange #90, Black Canary #91, "Bat-Squad" (comprised of 3 British Bat-fans) #92 and The House of Mystery #93. Writer Denny O'Neil and artists Neal Adams & Dick Giordano reestablish Batman's reputation as a dark, mysterious avenger of the night with "The Secret of the Waiting Graves!", published in Detective Comics #395 (+ splash page).

Superboy's timeline is tweaked in issue #170; this page of #171 (01/71) explains. Action Comics #393 takes readers to "The Day Superboy Became Superman!"; here's page 27's original art by Ross Andru & Mike Esposito. Superman #222 (G-66) reveals Superman's secret family. Batman #218 (G-67) contains some of the Dynamic Duo's strangest cases. More Prize Battle Tales are told in Our Army At War #216 (G-68). Supergirl's romances are explored in Adventure Comics #390 (G-69). The Flash #196 (G-70) presents the Scarlet Speedster's Greatest Super Speed Feats. The Red Letter Days of the Boy of Steel are recounted in Superboy #165 (G-71). Every color of the Kryptonite Rainbow is featured in Superman #227 (G-72), Green Kryptonite first appeared in Superman #61 (1949). Batman & Robin fight crime around the world in Batman #223 (G-73). Some of the strange events in the life of Superman's pal are recalled in Jimmy Olsen #131 (G-74). Lois Lane #104 (G-75) features her greatest scoops. World's Finest #197 (G-76) boasts more of the best of the Batman-Superman team, the third Superman-Flash race is held in World's Finest #s 198 and 199.

Golden-Age hero The Vigilante rides into the Silver-Age in Justice League of America #78 and 79; he served as backup to Superman in Action Comics from 1941 to 1954. The JLA thwarts the plans of Norch Lor in #80 and the Jest-Master in 81. The Golden-Age Batman appears in Justice League of America #82, he first appeared in Detective Comics #27 + splash page [05/39], his origin is revealed in Detective Comics #33 [11/39], a more detailed origin is presented in Batman #47 (+ splash page) [06-07/1948] and the story of his creation is told in Real Fact Comics #5 (+ splash page) [1947]. His first appearance (and Superman's too) with the JSA, as an honorary member, is in All-Star Comics #7 ("$1,000,000 for War Orphans!") 10/11, 1941. Here's the back cover. His (and Superman's) only appearance as a full-fledged member is in All-Star Comics #36 ("Five Drowned Men!") 08/09, 1947. The Spectre dies in JLA #83, Dr. Viktor Willard and Nether Man taste defeat in #84. (The trade paperback "Crisis on Multiple Earths!" Volume 2 reprints the 1967-1970 JLA/JSA team-ups. Cover by Jerry Ordway.) Justice League of America #85 (G-77) reprints the first appearance of Felix Faust, the final issues of the GIANT series (G-78 to G-89) published in 1971 are presented HERE. The League zaps The Zapper in #86.

Strange Sports Stories are told in DC Special #7 & #9.

Wonder Woman appears in The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #117.

The Challengers of the Unknown encounter Deadman in #74.

All-Star Western begins anew and continues to issue #11. The Three Mouseketeers return to print. Hot Wheels #1 premieres.

Batman defends Lois Lane in #99; Superman's Girl Friend then hits #100. The Flash dashes to #200 with a new penciler: Irv Novick (but not really, the actual 200th issue of the Silver Age Flash's adventures is #304) and Detective Comics arrives at #400.

Ross Andru & Mike Esposito finish their stint on the Flash with #194; Gil Kane takes over on #195; Flash takes on William Shakespeare in #197; Zatanna guests in #198; Superman appears in #199; a new Golden Age Flash tale fills the back-up spot in Flash #201 and a demonic cult targets Flash's wife in #202. Flash(y) bonus: The original Neal Adams cover art and printer's color guide for The Flash #203 (02/71).

Deadman backs-up Aquaman in #s 50, 51 & 52.

Sgt. Rock can be found in Action Comics #388, the final Legion back-up tale in Action Comics is presented in #392.

The Rose & The Thorn debut in Lois Lane #105 and continues to #130.

Showcase features Jason's Quest (#88 + splash page, #89 & #90), Manhunter 2070 (#91, #92 ) and the DC Comics Silver-Age draws to a close with the cancellation of the title where much of it began. Showcase is cancelled after 93 issues. (Issue #94 featuring Jack Kirby's) New Gods was prepared but it was decided that the feature was strong enough to debut with a #1 on the cover, dated March, 1971.)

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