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The cancellations continue: Anthro faces extinction with issue #6, Bat Lash rides into the sunset with issue #7 The Creeper creeps no more after six issues. The Hawk & The Dove fly the coop after six issues. The Spectre is sent back to limbo after 10 issues. Metal Men are sent to the scrap heap after 41 issues. The Atom & Hawkman (#45) go their separate ways after a year together in their combined title. Meet Angel (without The Ape) is axed with #7. The Secret Six are deep sixed after #7.

The House of Secrets reopens with #81 and continues to #140 (02-03/76). The Witching Hour begins as does Date with Debbi & Binky's Buddies. From Beyond the Unknown #1 debuts, the sci-fi/horror title lasts 25 issues--ending in 1973.

Strange Adventures gives up the ghost of Deadman with #216, Adam Strange takes over next issue, the title ends its run in 1973 with issue #244.

Aquaman continues to scour the 7 seas for his beloved wife in issues #43, #44 & #45; the Royal couple of Atlantis are reunited in #46.

The Brave and the Bold teams Batman with The Flash #81, Aquaman #82, The Teen Titans #83, the Golden-Age Batman makes his Silver Age debut in #84. Green Arrow is given a new look by artist Neal Adams in #85 and Deadman guests in #86.

Superman #212 (G-54) tells tales of Superman as a child. Batman's female friends & foes star in Batman #208 (G-55). Our Army at War marches to #200, the first issue (+ splash page) was published in 1952. Sgt. Rock's Battle Stars are called to action in Our Army at War #203 (G-56) This issue is the last 80pg. GIANT. Supergirl stars in Action Comics #373 (G-57), a 64pg. GIANT. It's D-Day in Flash #187 (G-58). Superboy #156 (G-59) marks the Boy of Steel's 20th anniversary in his own title, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #101, Jan-Feb 1945. Superman #217 (G-60) reprints Famous Firsts. Batman #213 (G-61) is an origin issue. Jimmy Olsen's romantic entanglements are the subject of #122 (G-62). The new Wonder Woman appears in Lois Lane #93, Lois Lane #95 (G-63) recounts the strange lives of the girl reporter. World's Finest #188 (G-64) contains stories that will astound you!

The New (powerless) Wonder Woman fails to prevent the death of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman #180 (+ original art by Mike Sekowsky & Dick Giordano for page 9), she quits the JLA in issue #69, The Creeper appears in JLA #70 and The Martian Manhunter resigns in #71. Hawkgirl and the Red Tornado guest in issue #72. The Golden-Age Superman appears in Justice League of America #73, he first appeared in Action Comics #1 (6/38). However, a Superman proto-type did appear in four issues of More Fun Comics #s 14-17 in 1936/37. Two pages of More Fun #14 can be seen HERE. The Supermen of the ages, Golden & Silver, meet for the first time in Justice League of America #74, Black Canary plays rough in #75. Justice League of America #76 (G-65) reprints more early adventures, Lucas 'Snapper' Carr resigns in disgrace in #77; the JLA appears in World's Finest #184.

The Flash's slate of 1969 issues begins with an alien menace in #185; #186 features the former hero Sargon the Socceror seeking help from Professor Zoom; Mirror Master returns in #188; exposure to alien radiation causes Iris West to grow old in #189; Flash is told he'll never run again in #190; Green Lantern teams with the Flash once more in The Flash #191; Batman appears in #192 and Captain Cold returns in #193.

DC Special #3 is an all-girl issue featuring a previously unpublished Golden Age Wonder Woman story.

Joe Kubert receives his due in DC Special #5; here's a rare Joe Kubert cover: Superman #216. Superman and The Flash trade identities in Superman #220 (+ splash page). The Flash also speeds through The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #112. Lois Lane is persued by a lovestruck Kryptonian time-traveler in #90 (+ splash page original art by Irv Novick and Mike Esposito.

The Phantom Stranger returns in Showcase #80, and then returns to his own title for the first time in 16 years. All 6 issues of his first series may be seen here. The second series lasts 41 issues ending in 1976. He is granted membership in the Justice League of America in #103, 12/72.

Showcase continues with Windy & Willy (#81), then to their own title, Nightmaster (#82, #83 & #84), Firehair (#85, #86 & #87).

Adventure Comics #380 is the last Superboy and the Legion Of Super-Heroes issue, Superboy's Adventure(ous) run began in issue #103 (04/1946). Supergirl leaves Acttion Comics with issue #376 and becomes the main feature in Adventure Comics #381. She holds that position through issue #424 (10/72). She is then given her own title, the complete run of the series can be seen HERE. The LSH moves to the back-up spot in Action Comics #377.

Here's Kurt Schaffenberger's original art for page 3 of Adventure Comics' #383's "Supergirl's Day of Danger!": plus a detailed view of all five panels tier by tier: #1, #2 & #3.

The Hawk & The Dove appear in Teen Titans #21 & the origin of Wonder Girl is told in Teen Titans #22, here's the original art for page 21 by Gil Kane & Nick Cardy. Members of the Justice League of America appear in #25.

Batman celebrates his 30th anniversary, Dick Grayson goes off to college and Batman moves his base of operations from the Batcave to the Wayne Foundation building in the heart of Gotham City in Batman #217.

The 12 DC comic book is replaced by the 15.

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