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Brother Power the Geek enters the DC Universe. A whole lot of "Atom"-smashing takes place, with nary a cyclotron in sight, in The Atom #36 (+ splash page).

The Spectre begins the year with a new artist: Neal Adams takes over from Murphy Anderson with #2. The Disembodied Detective teams up with two of his Golden Age cohorts: Wildcat in issue #3 (+ house ad) and Hourman in issue #7. Wildcat first appeared in Sensation Comics #1, 01/42 & Hourman first appeared in Adventure Comics #48, 03/40.

Editor George Kashdan and artist Dick Dillin assume control of Hawkman's book with #23; Kashdan and Dillin close out the title in five issues: #24, #25 and #26 and #27 (see below).

DC cleans house: Brother Power the Geek (#2 + splash page), Bomba the Jungle Boy (#7), The Adventures of Bob Hope (#109, the series began in 1950 + first page), The Fox & The Crow (#108), Metamorpho (#17), Plastic Man (#10), Hawkman (#27), The Doom Patrol (#121), the Inferior Five (#10) and Blackhawk (#243) are all cancelled.

Hawkman is granted a reprieve when he is teamed up with his JLA collegue The Atom (last solo issue: #38) in the newly titled The Atom & Hawkman #39.

The Flash must enter his wife's dreams in #176; a trick camera is the cause of Flash's BIG problem in #177. The Flash and the man who had a hand in creating him, DC editor Julius Schwartz, meet in the Flash #179; The Flash travels to Japan in #180 (+ page 17's original art) & #181; Abra Kadabra returns in #182; a team of hitmen challenge the Flash in #183; Flash saves the Earth in #184 (+ page 23 original art) but in doing so Central City is destroyed.

Top Gun is Showcase #72 + original Jack Adler hand painted watercolor(s) (over Russ Heath pencils & inks) printer's color guide. The Creeper appears in Showcase #73 and then gets his own title. Anthro appears in Showcase #74 and then to his own title. The Hawk & The Dove take flight in Showcase #75 and then glide into their own title. Bat Lash rides in to the DC Universe in Showcase #76 and then into his own mag (+ splash page), followed by Angel & The Ape (#77), (they get their own mag too. "Meet" is added to the title with #4). Jonny Double (#78) & Dolphin (#79 + splash page) complete the yearly quota of issues.

Aquaman's wife Mera is abducted in the Sea King's 40th issue; the search for her continues in #41 (+ page 23 original art) and #42; Aquaman is seen briefly in Superman #210.

The heroes paired with Batman in The Brave & the Bold this year are: The Spectre #75, Plastic Man #76 (+ original cover art & house ad original art), The Atom #77, Wonder Woman and Batgirl #78, Deadman #79 and The Creeper in #80.

Deadman's brother appears in Strange Adventures #211 (+ house ad).

Wonder Woman and Supergirl clash in Wonder Woman #177 (+ house ad). Wonder Woman is stripped of her powers when she elects not to join her Amazon sisters as they depart for dimensions unknown in Wonder Woman #178 & #179.

Superman guests in The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #105.

In issue #6 (+ splash page) The Inferior Five pay a visit to the DC offices to learn how a comic book is put together.

Tales of the Unexpected finishes its run with #104. The Unexpected debuts with issue #105 and continues to #222 (1983).

Star Spangled War Stories #137 has the last dinosaur cover. Enemy Ace gains featured status with #138, #139 reveals his origin.

A new Batmobile, based on the TV show design, appears in Detective Comics #371. [The final episode (#120--"Minerva, Mayhem And Millionaires") of the TV series is broadcast 03/14/68.] The Batmobile first appeared in the pages of Batman #5 and made its first cover appearance on Batman #20, Detective Comics #156 features the Batmobile of 1950. Mr. Freeze appears in Detective Comics #373. The original black and white line art rendered by Mike Sekowsky (pencils) & Sid Greene (inks) for page 3 of the Elongated Man story "The Amazing Crook-Gatcher!", published in Detective Comics #374, can be seen here. The finished art looks like this. A clairvoyant criminal dreams of killing Batman and attempts to make his dream come true in #375 + the Chic Stone & Sid Greene page 11 original art. A woman claiming to be Mrs. Bruce Wayne shows up in #380; here's the Bob Brown & Joe Giella original art for page 14. The Elongated Man's final back-up appearance is in Detective Comics #383.

The Secret Six begins. DC Special #1 (+ back cover) features the work of Carmine Infantino.

Tomahawk #115's stunning cover is the work of Bob Brown; here's the original splash page art by Fred Ray.

The Fatal Five escape their dimentional exile in Adventure Comics #365, this issue also contains two firsts: The first Neal Adams cover and the first appearance of Shadow Lass. In #366 the Legion Clubhouse is destroyed in the climactic battle with the Fatal Five and Shadow Lass is granted Legion membership. The LSH moves to a new HQ in Adventure Comics #367, the might of Mordru the Merciless forces the Legion to retreat to the past in #369 and #370. Two more new members join the ranks, Chemical King and Timber Wolf, in #372.

The first appearance of Guy Gardner, Earth's future Green Lantern, (see Green Lantern #116 [05/79]) occurs in Green Lantern #59 (+ splash page).

Members of the Doom Patrol fall victim to Yaramishi Rama Yogi in issue #119 (+ page 14's original art).

Batgirl comes to the rescue of the Justice League in JLA #60 (+ page 17's original art), Dr. Destiny is back for another round in #61 (+ original art for page 18), a tale featuring a mysterious box is told in issue #62, The Key returns in JLA #63. The Red Tornado cuts a wide swath of destruction in its Silver-Age debut during this year's JLA/JSA cross-over in issue #s64 & 65[Over at MARVEL the Avengers also accept an android member, The Vision in issue #57]. A Red Tornado prototype tale, "The Human Huricane!", is told in House of Mystery #155 (12/65). The League comes under the influence of a morale altering machine in #66.

Batman is transformed into his arch foe Two-Face in World's Finest #173. The coin fliping fiend first appeared in Detective Comics #66 (+splash page) [08/42]. The Batman Revenge Squad is formed in World's Finest #175, Green Arrow joins the team in #178. Here's the original splash page art drawn by Curt Swan & Jack Abel.

Superman #202 (G-42) is an all Bizarro issue. Batman #198 (G-43) is an all villains issue. Sgt. Rock's 6 Battle Stars appear in Our Army at War #190 (G-44). Action Comics #360 (G-45) presents Supergirl. The Flash #178 (G-46) (+ house ad) retells classic team-up tales. Ma & Pa Kent regain their youth in Superboy #145. Superboy must find a way to defeat the alien beings that have assumed the identities of his parents in Superboy #146 & #148. Superboy #147 (G-47) features the Legion of Super-Heroes. Superman celebrates his 30th anniversary (G-48).

Action Comics #358's back-up story finds Superboy in Argo City. The Parasite returns in Action Comics #361. Superman's bout of Virus X plays itself out in Action Comics #363, #364, #365 and #366. Action Comics #370 reveals his lost century.

Batman reaches the 200th issue mark of his title, the secrets of the Batcave are revealed in #203 (G-49), Batman #48 (08-09/48) offered the first glimpse of those wonders; its origin is told in Detective Comics #205 + splash page (1954). Jimmy Olsen #113 (G-50) is an anti-Superman issue, Aquaman appears in #115. Lois Lane #86 (G-51) is a wedding issue. World's Finest #179 (G-52) focuses on the early days of the World's Finest Team. Justice League of America #67 (G-53) is a special initiation issue (+ house ad).

Metal Men #29 is the last to be penciled by Ross Andru, Gil Kane takes over on #30; the Metal Men end up on the wrong side of the law in issue #33.

Captain Action debuts, the covers of the other four issues in the series can be seen here. The founder of DC Comics, Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson dies.

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