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Showcase hosts B'wana Beast in #66 & #67; Maniaks in #68-#69 & #71 and Binky in #70, then on to his own book.

Element Girl debuts in Metamorpho #10.

The Legion of Super-Heroes encounter The Fatal Five for the first time in Adventure Comics #352 and Ferro Lad makes the ultimate sacrifice in Adventre Comics #353 (This one's for my best buddy "The Professor"). The Legion of Super Villians are up to no good in Adventure Comics #354 & #355. The ghost of Ferro Lad appears in Adventure Comics #357.

The Scarecrow makes his Silver-Age debut in the frightful pages of Batman #189 (+ splash page), he first appeared in World's Finest Comics #3, Fall 1941. Batman & Green Lantern team-up again in Brave & the Bold #69, Hawkman joins the Caped Crusader in #70 (+ back cover). Green Arrow appears in #71 (+page 10 original art). Batman also appears in Swing with Scooter #4 (+ back cover) and again in #5, which also includes appearances by Superman, the Flash, Adam Strange and Hawkman.

Animal Man has Strange Adventures #195 all to himself. Strange Adventures reaches #200, #201 is the final appearance of Animal Man. Deadman makes his bow in Strange Adventures #205 (+ house ad).

Aqualad and Aquagirl fall under the control of a mad scientist in Aquaman #33 (+ splash page); Ocean Master returns in #37 (+ Nick Cardy's original page 20 art).

Wonder Woman #171 is the last issue penciled by Ross Andru; Irv Novick takes over with #172 (+1st splash page & 2nd splash page).

The Inferior Five earn their own title. The Spectre gets his own book (+ splash page and original art & house ad appearing in Wonder Woman #173 & here's the Mexican edition). The Spectre also battles The Flash in The Brave & the Bold #72. Aquaman & The Atom team-up in issue #73, Metal Men join Batman in #74.

Batman #187 (G-30) is an 80pg GIANT featuring "The Best of Batman". Superman #193 (G-31) features the Greatest Super Stories published between 1949 & 1967. Sgt. Rock presents 6 Battle Stars in Our Army at War #177 (G-32). Supergirl's friends & foes fill the pages of Action Comics #347 (G-33), Flash #169 (G-34) contains stories of Trecherous Traps & Deadly Dooms! Superboy #138 (G-35) recounts some of The Boy of Steel's greatest battles. Superman #197 (G-36) is an all Clark Kent issue. Batman #193 (G-37) reprints Batman's & Robin's Bizarre Action Roles. Things get wierd in Jimmy Olsen #104 (G-38). Beware!! Lois Lane #77 (G-39) is not for the faint hearted! World's Finest #170 (G-40) displays The World's Finest Team's greatest tales. Justice League of America #58 (G-41) reprints three early adventures.

The Man of Steel journeys 1,000,000 years into the past in Action Comics #350; Justice Leaguers Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Hawkman appear in the Supergirl back-up tale. Superman introduces "The One-Man Legion" on the cover of Jimmy Olsen #99 after which Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #100 hits the stands. The series began in 1954 and ends in 1974 with #163, with #164 the title becomes The Superman Family; its final issue is #222 (1982). Jimmy first appeared in Action Comics #6, 11/38. Jimmy Olsen #105 shows us "The World of 1,000 Olsens!". Thanks to a scientist from Atlantis Lois Lane is able to preform Aquaman-like tricks in Lois Lane #72.

Ralph Dibney, a.k.a. the Elongated Man guests in Justice League of America #51. The mystery of 5 missing Justice Leaguers puzzles the remaining members in #52. Hawkgirl appears in #53 and The Royal Flush Gang returns in JLA #54. The Golden-Age Robin swings into the Silver-Age in Justice League of America #55 & the Golden-Age Wonder Woman makes her Silver-Age debut in Justice League of America #56. (She made her GA debut in All-Star Comics #8. She joins the JSA in #12. She also appears in Sensation Comics from 1942 to 1951.) JLA #57 is a United Nations themed issue, #59 finishes out the year.

Check out this great Russ Heath cover rendered for G.I. Combat #124. Star Spangled War Stories #131 appears in comic racks and newsstands, just as it did 15 years earlier.

Tales of the Unexpected arrives at #100.

The origin of the Metal Men is told in #27.

Members of The Justice League of America appear in Blackhawk #228.

The Golden-Age Atom makes his first solo Silver-Age appearance in The Atom #29, his first appearance occurs in All-American Comics #19, 10/40. The Golden-Age Plastic Man appears in Plastic Man #7, he first appeared in Police Comics #1 (08/41) and then two years later, in his own mag as well.

The Golden-Age Green Lantern and his sidekick Doiby Dickles appear in Green Lantern #52; here's the cover of the Mexican edition, Batman #424, published in 1968. Doiby first appeared in All-American Comics #27 (06/41).

A long lost Edgar Allen Poe manuscript is the focus of the tale told in Hawkman #17 (+ Spanish language cover); Adam Strange appears in #18 & #19; radiation from a meteorite transforms an archeologist into the savage Lion-Mane in Hawwkman #20 & #21. The Falcon is the threat of #22. Hawkman appears in The Atom #31.

The Justice League appears in Superman #192's imagnary story. All survivors of Krypton face death yet again in Superman #195 (+ splash page); the Superman Revenge Squad has a hand(s) in the shocking appearance of the real(?) Clark Kent in Superman #198 (+ splash page). The first Superman-Flash race is run in Superman #199 (+ splash page), Superman #200 celebrates the milestone with a great imagnary story; another nifty imaginary tale is told in World's Finest Comics #172.

New details of The Flash's origin are revealed in issue #167. Green Lantern guests in Lois Lane #73 and The Flash #168. Justice Society of America members Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Fate & the original Flash appear in The Flash #170, Dr. Mid-Nite first appeared in All-American Comics #25 (1941). Flash's losing battle with Dr. Light in #171 places him in a peculiar position; Gorilla Grodd returns in #172. Lucky readers are treated to a 3 heroes-for-the-price-of-1 deal in Flash #173, Barry Allen tells his wife Iris that he is The Flash in The Flash #174 (+ splash page). The 2nd Superman-Flash race is run in Flash #175. The race tales saw print again in Limited Collector's Edition C-48 dated 10-11/1976.

Batgirl number 2 makes the scene in Detective Comics #359. (Check out Brian Bolland's recreation rendered for Batman: Gotham Knights #43 dated 09/03.) She then teams-up with Supergirl in World's Finest #169 and takes on Catwoman in Batman #197. Her TV debut (played by Yvonne Craig) occurs in Batman episode #95--"Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin", airdate: 09/14/67.

Batman must find a way to free Robin from a deathtrap that is designed to kill the Caped Crusader if he tries to disable it. Detective Comics #361 (+ splash page); Batman goes on a rampage in #362; Batman is forced to join in a criminal's plot to murder him in #s 366 and 367 (+ the original Carmine Infantino & Sid Greene page 3 art for the back-up tale "Enigma of the Elongated Evildoer!"). The Atom guests in Detective Comics #368's Elongated Man back-up; Catwoman appears briefly in #369; Detective Comics #370 is the first issue to have a Neal Adams cover. Batman & Robin rescue a kidnapped psychic in Batman #196 (+ original cover art by Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson).

Robbie Reed & The Martian Manhunter leave The House of Mystery (#173). The House of Mystery undergoes a format change with issue #174. The final issue, #321 is published in 1983.

Bomba the Jungle Boy begins (+ Leo Sommers' original page 17 art).

Here's a DC non-comic rarity: Teen Beat #1.

Sea Devils (#35) is cancelled, as is Capt. Storm (#18)

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