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A busy year: The master of the elements, Metamorpho appears in Brave & the Bold #57 & #58 and is given his own title at mid year. The Teen Titans reappeared in the pages of Brave & the Bold #60. They made their final try-out appearance in Showcase #59 (+ splash page).

Many Golden-Age stalwarts step into the spotlight in several titles. Dr. Fate and Hourman are teamed up for two issues of Showcase, #s55-56 (+ splash page), and are pitted against Solomon Grundy (1st appearance: All-American Comics #61, 11/1944) in number 55 (+ splash page) which also included an appearance by Alan Scott, the Golden-Age his first solo in the Silver-Age. He made his second solo appearance in Green Lantern #40 + back cover + splash page. His Golden-Age debut occurs in All-American Comics #16, the June 1940 issue. His run in this title ends with #102, 10/48. He also appeared in his own title (+ splash page + house ad) starting in 1941 and ending with #38, 06/49.

Black Canary and Starman are paired in Brave & the Bold #61 (vs. The Mist, first appearance: Adventure Comics #67) and #62; Wildcat makes his Silver-Age debut in this issue. Here's Murphy Anderson's preliminary cover sketch. Black Canary would later make the move to Earth-One, join the JLA (#74, 09/69) and marry Oliver (The Green Arrow) Queen. She started life in the Golden-Age in a Johnny Thunder back-up feature in Flash Comics #86 (08/47) and then got her own back-up series in Flash Comics #92 (+ splash page), she joined the JSA in All-Star Comics #41. Starman first appeared in Adventure Comics #61 (1941).

In issue #150 Captain Cold uses his latest battle with the Flash to impress a woman. The engagement of Iris West and Barry Allen is announced in the Flash #151; the Trickster gives it another go in #152. Professor Zoom returns in #153. The Flash loses control of his powers in #154; Flash again faces The Gauntlet of Super-Villians in Flash #155. An alien exposes Flash's secret identity in #156; The Flash suffers the effects of an aging serum in #157.

The Justice League issues for '65 include: #33, #34 + splash page (vs.The Joker and Dr. Destiny), #35 & #36 (Brainstorm strikes again). Johnny Thunder's evil Earth-One counterpart gains control of the Bahdnisian Thunderbolt in JLA #37 & #38, Johnny Thunder became a member of The Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics #6 (08-09/41). The Penguin pesters the JLA in #40.

Sea Devils #24's beautiful grey tone cover is the joint effort of Howard Purcell & Jack Adler. Irv Novick lent his talents to this grey tone cover for Capt. Storm #8, as did Joe Kubert on G.I. Combat #109. The grey tone covers of All-American Men of War #111, Our Fighting Forces #94, G.I. Combat #113 and #119 are the work of Russ Heath. The origin of The Haunted Tank is shown in G.I. Combat #114. Sgt. Rock's brother is introduced in Our Fighting Forces #95.

Hans von Hammer, the World War 1 Enemy Ace debuts as the back-up feature in Our Army at War #151; the character also rounds out issues 153 and 155; he then headlines two issues of Showcase: #57 and #58.

Chemo, last seen in Showcase #40, battles the Metal Men in #14; here's a rare cover test print of Metal Men #43 from 1973 featuring a reprint of #14's cover and story.

The Adam Strange of the future returns in Mystery In Space #98; Adam Strange and Space Ranger take their final bows in #102 and are replaced in #103 by Ultra: The Multi-Alien.

The first meeting of the League of Challenger-Haters is convened in Challengers of the Unknown #42.

Beast Boy joins up with The Doom Patrol in #99; his origin is told in #100.

Legion Flight Rings are first used in Adventure Comics #329, Lightning Lad suffers the loss of an arm in #332.

The Penguin makes his second SA appearance in Batman #169. This story was used to introduce The Penguin to the TV series in episodes 3 ("Fine Feathered Finks"--air date: 01/19/66) and 4 ("The Penguin's A Jinx"--air date: 01/20/66) A new Bat-logo debuts on the cover of Batman #170. The Riddler makes his Silver Age debut, and only his second appearance since 1948, in the pages of Batman #171 (+ splash page); episodes 1 ("Hi Diddle Riddle"--air date: 01/12/66) and 2 ("Smack In The Middle"--air date: 01/13/66) of the Batman TV series were based on this story. The 1948 Detective Comics story served as the basis for episodes 79 ("Batman's Anniversary"--air date: 02/08/67) and 80 ("A Riddling Controversy"--air date: 02/09/67). The Joker story told in Detective Comics #341 served as the basis for episodes 31 ("Death In Slow Motion"--air date: 04/27/66) and 32 ("The Riddler's False Notion"--air date: 04/28/66). Batman & Robin's adventure seen in Detective Comics #346 appeared as episodes 9 ("Zelda The Great"--air date: 02/09/66) and 10 ("A Death Worse Than Fate"--air date: 02/10/66); this 2014 trade paperback collects all the original stories adapted for the series. Writer John Broome appears in Detective Comics #343 (+ splash page); Bruce Wayne saves the day in #345.

The origin of the Shadow-Thief is revealed in Hawkman #5; in #6 Hawkman & Hawkgirl travel to the planet Illoral where they must reverse the effects of an evolutionary experiment gone wrong; in #7 the I.Q. Gang returns and the C.A.W. (Criminal Alliance of the World) is first encountered, they next appear in #10. Hawkman #8 tells two tales based on Greek myths; The Atom teams up with Hawkman and Hawkgirl in Hawkman #9.

The first Batman team-up in The Brave & the Bold occurs in issue #59 + splash page; the lucky guest star: Green Lantern.

G.I. Joe finishes his tour of duty in Showcase #54.

Animal Man debuts in Strange Adventures #180 and You are the Hero of Strange Adventures #183.

Supergirl & Wonder Woman team-up in Brave & the Bold #63. Wonder Girl goes solo in Wonder Woman #151 then joins Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman #152 & #153. The Amazing Amazon revisits the Golden Age in #156 + splash page; several GA Wonder Woman books are visible and many DC heroes are mentioned in the newspaper article Diana Prince reads on page 2 of the story. Wonder Woman writer/editor Robert Kanigher appears in issue #158.

Aquaman has a one panel appearance in the Adventures of Bob Hope #94.

Superman #175 was originally slated to have this cover, here's the splash page; Superman #181 introduces The Superman of 2965. Lois Lane time travels to Krypton's past in issue #59 of her mag, the Legion of Super-Heroes does likewise, in Adventure Comics #333, to solve the mystery of "The War Between Earth and Krypton!" A teenage Jor-El arrives on Earth in Superboy #121, Lana Lang transforms in to Insect Queen in #124. Brainiac gains complete control of Jimmy Olsen in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #86 & #87.

The 80pg GIANT series continues with: Superman (G-6), Sgt. Rock (G-7), More Secret Origins (G-8), The Flash (G-9), Superboy (G-10), Superman (G-11), Batman (G-12), Jimmy Olsen (G-13) + house ad. Lois Lane as well as Superman's other girlfriends are featured in 80pg GIANT G-14. Superman & Batman share the final stand alone 80pg. GIANT, G-15. The succeeding GIANTS are given a regular issue number in the book title in which they appear but still retain the G-## designation.

The first JLA 80pg. GIANT is issue #39 (G-16). Batman #176 (G-17) is an 80pg GIANT devoted to Batman's Fantastic Foes. The Atom and The Elongated Man guest in Batman #177, the long Bat-scripting career of Bill Finger comes to a close with this issue. He and Charles Sinclair co-wrote episodes 45 ("The Clock King's Crazy Crimes"--air date: 10/12/66) and 46 ("The King Gets Crowned"--air date: 10/13/66) of the Batman TV series. The Clock King first appeared in the Green Arrow adventure, "Crimes of the Clock King!", told in World's Finest Comics #111 (08/60).

Mark Merlin becomes Prince Ra-Man in House of Secrets #73.

R.I.P. Rip Hunter (#29). The birth of Aquababy occurs in Aquaman #23 (+ splash page).

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