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A.k.a. the year of . After two triple issue runs in Brave & The Bold, (#34 (+ splash page) #35 (+ splash page) & #36 & #42 #43 [+ Joe Kubert's original cover and page 6 & 16 art] & #44) a guest appearance in Atom #7 and a three issue stint as a backup feature in Mystery in Space (#87, #88 & #89) plus a team up with Adam Strange in issue #90 he finallly gets his own well deserved title (+Murphy Anderson's original art for page 6 of "Master of the Sky-Weapons!"); in #2 + splash page stories involving invading aliens and the mythic wings of Icarus are told; in #3 adventures featuring an ancient Egyptian statue and an alien bird are told.

The Maid of Magic, Zatanna searches for her long-lost father, the famed Golden-Age magician, Zatara--he appeared in Action Comics and World's Finest Comics. She seeks help from Hawkman in #4 (her quest continues on to 1967 and involves: Batman & Robin in Detective Comics #336, The Atom [#19],

[issue #42], The Elongated Man [Detective Comics #355] and her search finally concludes with The Justice League of America #51. She accepts membership in the JLA in #161 [12/78]. The complete Zatanna saga is now available in this recently released trade paperback. Cover by Brian Bolland.); to end the year, he is granted membership in The Justice League of America, issue #31 (+ splash page).

The Justice League has 24 hours to defeat an inter-dimentional tyrant else the Earth is doomed in #25 (+ splash page), Despero returns for a rematch in #26 (+ splash page), Robin appears in JLA #27, a criminal mastermind causes the JLA to wreak havoc in #28 (+ splash page). The JLA/JSA team-up for this year takes place in issue #s 29 & 30 A new foe calling himself Brainstorm confronts the World's Greatest Super-Heroes in JLA #32. Members of the Justice League appear in Aquaman #18 (+ back cover), Green Lantern #29 and Action Comics #314 (+ back cover).

Lex Luthor R.I.P. (?) in Action Comics #318 (+ splash page) & #319.

Green Lantern faces an alien induced threat from Earth's prehistoric past in Green Lantern #30 (+ splash page).

Wonder Woman #150 features a Wonder Girl book-length adventure.

The origin of The Blackhawks is shown in Blackhawk #198; a text only origin story appeared in issue #50 [03/52] and reprinted in #93 [10/55]; the origin of Chop-Chop is the tale told in #203. Capt. Storm joins the ranks of DC's Battle Stars. The artistry of Russ Heath sets the proper (grey) tone for G.I. Combat #104

The final Superman GIANT Annual, #8, relates untold stories and secret origins, then the 80pg. GIANT becomes a monthly title, the 1st issue (G-1) devoted to Superman; it was originally slated to be the 9th GIANT Annual, as this house ad shows. This series of GIANTS ends in 1971 with Justice League of America #93 (G-89). Jimmy Olsen is the subject of G-2, Lois Lane & Lana Lang are the focus of G-3, Lana Lang first appeared in Superboy #10 + splash page (10/50), her first appearance as an adult occurs in Superman #78 (09-10/52). Classic stories featuring The Flash are reprinted in G-4.

The Mad Hatter story told in Batman #161 is adapted to serve as episodes 13 ("The Thirteenth Hat"--air date: 02/23/66) and 14 ("Batman Stands Pat"--air date: 02/24/66). The original Bat-Girl appears for the last time in Batman #163. Batman gets a makeover (courtesy of DC editor Julius Schwartz and artists Carmine Infantino & Joe Giella) in Batman #164 & Detective Comics #327, the Elongated Man fills the back-up spot. In Detective Comics #328, Alfred Pennyworth the butler of millionaire Bruce (Batman) Wayne dies, he first appeared in Batman #16 (1943). Batman Annual #6 (Winter) reprints the Dynamic Duo's most baffling cases & #7 (Summer) showcases the Batman Family.

Superman & Batman face their most powerful foe: The Composite Superman in World's Finest #142, Brainiac and Clayface join forces in #144; Lex Luthor and Brainiac combine their evil intelects in Superman #167.

Cave Carson explores the uncharted bowels of the Earth in Showcase #48, #49 & #52. I--Spy with King Farady is featured in Showcase #50 & #51 (A brand new character was scheduled to appear in #50, click here for more info.). G.I. Joe marches through Showcase #53.

Aquaman and Hawkman team up in The Brave and the Bold #51. 3 Battle Stars occupy #52. The Atom & The Flash join forces in #53 (+ splash page), Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin unite to form The Teen Titans in the pages of Brave & The Bold #54. The Atom returns to The Brave and the Bold teamed-up with the Metal Men in #55, The Flash & Martian Manhunter unite to solve a mystery in #56 (+ splash page).

A criminal with a scientific bent discovers that the Atom can be used to power a deadly ray-gun in #12 (+ splash page)

J'onn J'onzz leaves Detective Comics with #326 and begins his tenure in House of Mystery #143 (+ house ad).

Space Ranger ends his run in Tales of the Unexpected with #82 and moves into Mystery in Space beginning with #92; #94 features a team-up with a descendant of Adam Strange.

Exposure to cosmic rays in Metal Men #6 transforms Doc Magnus into a robot. Appalled at his Metal Men's display of emotion he creates the Gas Gang in an effort to destroy them; here's the Mexican edition.

Batman celebrates his 25th Anniversary with an 80 page GIANT (G-5). Superboy Annual #1 + back cover, is released. Sgt. Rock joins the 80pg GIANT club also.

My Greatest Adventure becomes The Doom Patrol with issue #86 (+ house ad); the origin of the team's Chief is told in #88 (+ house ad).

Eclipso takes over the cover of House of Secrets #66, Eclipso and Dr. Bruce Gordon are split into two seperate beings in #67. The Atomic Knights bid farewell to Strange Adventures with #160.

The Trickster is back in Flash #142 (+ splash page). The Flash and Green Lantern team-up in Flash #143; in #144 a shape shifting crook is encountered; The Flash enlists the aid of a young science whiz in #145. The cover of #146 says it all; in #147 Professor Zoom returns to the 20th century to gain the help of Mr. Element. This cover is similar to the historic cover of issue #123. The Flash is caught up in a war between Captain Boomerang and a gang of thugs in #148; The Flash must go to unusual lengths to restore the lost memory of Kid Flash in #149.

Five Legionaires guest in Superboy #117. The origins of the members of the LSH are shown in Adventure Comics #316, Dream Girl joins the LSH in #317, Jimmy Olsen appears as Elastic Lad in Adventure Comics #323, the Legion of Super-Outlaws (the powers of each member based on reader's suggestions) confront the LSH in #324, Lex Luthor vows to destroy the Legion of Super-Heroes in #325, Lone Wolf enters the Legion Academy in #327. This is the last issue of Adventure to feature a non-Legion cover.

DC's first Romance title Girls' Love Stories reaches #100.

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