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DC Comics Silver-Age Chronology


The Flash Annual #1 (+ house ad & back cover) is published, The Elongated Man joins The Flash, in #134, in his ongoing efforts to put Captain Cold in the cooler, Kid Flash gets a new uniform in Flash #135; Mirror Master uses two reflections of himself to defeat the Flash in #136. The Justice Society of America makes an appearance in The Flash #137 (+ splash page & black and white cover sketch). This key issue features the SA debut of the immortal villian Vandal Savage, he first appeared in Green Lantern #10 (Winter 1943). The Elongated Man lends a hand in Flash #138. Professor Zoom a.k.a. The Reverse Flash becomes a member in good standing of the Scarlet Speedster's Rogues Gallery in Flash #139 (+ splash page); Central City suffers through a Heat Wave in Flash #140. The Top takes another spin in #141.

The Metal Men are given their own title (+ house ad).

Eclipso, the hero and villian in one man, enters The House of Secrets in issue #61. The Doom Patrol appear for the first time in My Greatest Adventure #80.

Lightning Lad dies in Adventure Comics #304, the Legion of Substitute Heroes debuts in #306. Element Lad joins the team in #307 (+ Superboy & Legion splash pages), followed by Lightning Lass, sister of Lightning Lad, in #308 (+ Superboy & Legion splash pages). Lightning Lad is brought back to life in #312.

Superman Annual #6 showcases The Greatest Super-Heroes of all-time.

A true Battle Royal is fought in Aquaman #9; the War of the Water Sprites erupts in #10 (+ splash page); Aquaman meets his wife to be, Mera in Aquaman #11 (+ splash page original art).

Sea Devils #13 artists Joe Kubert, Ross Andru & Mike Esposito appear in the story; greytone cover by Irv Novick and Jack Adler.

Strange Sports Stories are told in Brave and the Bold #45 (+ house ad), #46, #47, #48 & #49. Brave and the Bold #50 (+ splash page) hosts the first of many team-ups: The Manhunter from Mars & The Green Arrow.

The Penguin enters the Silver-Age in the pages of Batman #155, he first appeared in Detective Comics #58 (1941) and Batman #11 [+ 1st page] (1942). Batwoman and Bat-Girl guest in Batman #153. Robin dies at dawn in Batman #156. Who is mightier? The Bat or the Cat? The answer lies in Detective Comics #311; Batman creates a double to defeat Dr. X and his double in #316 (+ splash page). Batman Annuals 4 (Winter) & 5 (Summer) breathe new life into classic tales. The Dynamic Duo face peril from an unlikely source in Batman #158, The Joker and Clayface battle in Batman #159. World's Finest #136 finds Batman in a Universe that has no memory of him!

Flamebird & Nightwing appear for the first time in Superman #158 (+ house ad), the last days of the Kents unfold in #161. The tale of Superman Red and Superman Blue is told in Superman #162 (+ splash page). Superman and Lex Luthor duke it out in Superman #164, the criminal genius is also featured in Superman #168.

Flamebird & Nightwing oncemore take to the skies of Kandor in Jimmy Olsen #69. The secret of Silver Kryptonite is revealed, just in time for Superman's Silver Anniversary, in #70. The Man of Steel's 25th anniversary is also celebrated in this 80 page GIANT Annual #7. Superman's pal finds himself stranded on "The World of Doomed Olsens!" in Jimmy Olsen #72.

The origin of The Phantom Zone is revealed in Superboy #104; the Phantom Zone criminals manage to drive a wedge between Krypto and his master in Superboy #109 (+ house ad).

Captain Marvel makes his only Silver-Age appearance on the splash page of the story entitled "The Monkey's Paw!" in Lois Lane #42. He appeared in Whiz Comics from 1940 (+ splash page) to 1953. DC acquires the character from Fawcett Publications in 1972. He is reintroduced in Shazam #1 (+ splash page & C.C. Beck's rough alternate cover sketch) dated February, 1973. The title ends with #35 dated May-June, 1978.

"Bond...James Bond" appears in Showcase #43.

The covers of Our Army at War #126, G.I. Combat #97 and #103 are grey tones by Russ Heath. All-American Men of War #100 and G.I. Combat #100 hit the stands. Jerry Grandenetti drafted a grey tone cover for G.I. Combat #101. Strange Adventures #150 is a Murphy Anderson grey tone; Bob Brown created a dynamic cover for Challengers of the Unknown #30. The origin of the team is retold in #31.

The origin of Sgt. Rock is told in Our Army at War #128 and he also appears as the title feature in Showcase #45.

The Justice League of America continues with #17, #18 (+ splash page), #19 and #20 (+ page 21's original art) which leads us to the highpoint of the year: The first meeting of the JLA and the JSA in issue #s 21-22 (+ splash page). The JSA first appeared in All-Star Comics #3 (+ first and last pages), Winter 1940; the origin of the team is shown in DC Special #29 [08-09/77]. The JLA feels the sting of the Queen Bee in #23, Adam Strange appears in JLA #24 (+ page 9 and 11 original art). JLA sidekick Lucas ("Snapper") Carr appears in The Atom #4, the Justice League appears in #8 (+ splash page).

Space Ranger battles an army of familiar face(s) in Tales of the Unexpected #78. The cover of Mystery in Space #82 is a Carmine Infantino DC Silver Age classic.

The Faceless Creature makes its final appearance in Strange Adventures #153.

Wonder Woman competes againist a mechanical menace in issue #137.

Tommy Tomorrow's adventures continue in Showcase #s 42, 44, #46 & #47. He first appeared in Real Fact Comics #6, Jan./Feb. 1947 and in 1948 became the back-up feature in Action Comics, starting with #127.

The origin of Mark Merlin is told in House of Secrets #58.

The original Bat-Girl makes her only Detective Comics appearance in #322. Batman appears in the J'onn J'onzz back-up story.

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