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The 27 year reign of the 10 DC comic book ends, the price jumps to 12 with the late 1961/early 1962 issues. READ the text of the letter of explanation printed on the inside front cover of every affected issue, Lois Lane #31 (dated 02/62) in this case.

Batman Annual #2 (+ back cover) includes a 1962 calendar.

concludes his Showcase try-out in #36 (+ splash page & page 4 original art).

The follow The Atom in Showcase #37 (+ splash page), #38, #39 (+ page 9 original art) & #40. Showcase closes out 1962 with Tommy Tomorrow in 41 (+ house ad).

Aquaman and The Atom (+ splash page) both move on to their own titles; in #5 (+ splash page) Aquaman is tricked into helping an evil sorceror. (Aquaman's book ends its run in 1971 with issue #56.) The Atom #3(+ house ad) contains two firsts: The first appearance of Chronos the Time Theif and the World's Smallest Super-Hero's first dip in the Time Pool.

Task Force X: Suicide Squad continues in The Brave and the Bold #38 & #39. Cave Carson appears in Brave & the Bold #40 & #41. Hawkman is featured in The Brave and the Bold #42, #43 and #44 (1962-3). The cover scans of these issues are in the 1964 section of the chronology.

The Legion of Super-Heroes takes over as the main feature in Adventure Comics #300 (+ back cover), the origin of LSH member Bouncing Boy is shown in Adventure Comics #301, Mater-Eater Lad joins in #303.

Superman #150 tells an unusual tale: In commemoration of their long-dead world Krypton, Superman, Supergirl (and Krypto) transform an uninhabited planet in to an exact duplicate (minus the red sun) and populate it with robot replicas of their parents and others. In Supeman #156 "The Last Days of Superman!" are played out. Superman reveals the exsistence of his cousin Supergirl to the world in the pages of Action Comics #285. Gold Kryptonite appears for the first time in Adventure Comics #299. Superboy faces the Superboy Revenge Squad in Superboy #94. Superboy #95 tells an imaginary tale wherein baby Kal-El and his parents, Jor-El & Lara, make the journey to Earth. Pete Ross becomes the enemy Superboy in Superboy #96. Legion of Super-Heroes member Ultra-Boy appears for the first time in Superboy #98. Superboy reaches a milestone: his 100th issue, the first issue was released in 1949.

Superman GIANT Annual #4, Winter '62 contains Superman's journeys through time & space, the Summer Annual tells tales of the Superman Family on Krypton.

Jimmy Olsen, as Elastic Lad, enters the Phantom Zone in issue #62 of his book.

A few lucky readers who took the time to send in comments on the latest issue of their favorite "Superman family" title received one of THESE.

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes find themselves on the auction block in JLA #8 (+ splash page). The story of how The Justice League of America came to be is told in JLA #9 (+ splash page) [Superman got the same treatment in Lois Lane #112 (08/71)]. In issues 10 (+ splash page) & 11 (+ splash page & original art for page 5) the Justice League struggle to undo the malevolent machinations of Felix Faust, the origin of the deceitful Dr. Light is shown in #12 (+ splash page), Green Arrow's sidekick Speedy appears in #13 (+ splash page). The Atom joins the JLA in issue #14. Aliens from another dimension present a perplexing problem in #15, #16 has an unexpected twist ending.

The JLA and Adam Strange continue their on-going battle with Kanjar Ro in Mystery in Space #75 (+ splash page); the story sees print again in Strange Adventures #235 the March-April 1972 issue. Adam Strange battles himself in Mystery in Space #74 & #80.

Tommy Tomorrow's World's Finest series comes to an end with #124; a botched experiment unleashes a Negative Superman in #126. The Joker and Lex Luthor team-up in World's Finest #129.

Superman is seen briefly in Wonder Woman #130; things reflect badly on the Amazing Amazon in #134.

The 300th issue of Detective Comics is published; J'onn J'onzz a.k.a. The Martian Manhunter finally finds a way home after being stranded on Earth for six years in Detective Comics #301.

Bat-Mite appears in Batman 146. Batman is unmasked in Batman #148, Robin gains super strength in #150. Batman Annual 3 (Summer) reaches an eager public.

Mirror Master transports The Flash to alternate dimention in #126; #128 marks the debut of the 64th century menace Abra Kadabra, this issue also reveals the origin of The Flash's masked identity. A brief recap of The Justice Society of America's last All-Star Comics (#57) adventure is presented in The Flash #129. The Flash battles the combined powers of five members of his Rogues Gallery in Flash #130, Green Lantern appears in Flash #131 (+ splash page and page 14 original art). A menace from the future once again threatens in #132; Abra Kadabra returns in #133 (+ original black & white line art by Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson).

Lois Lane Annual #1 hits the stands.

The Bizarro World celebrates Halloween in Adventure Comics #294. Superman faces a jury of Super-Enemies in Action Comics #286. Green Lantern also stands before a jury in Green Lantern #11; #13 (+ house ad) guests the Flash. #14 (+ splash page) features the debut of the malevolent master of sound, Sonar. Grodd returns in Flash #127 (+ splash page), so does Multi-Man in Challengers of the Unknown #24, in #27 the team battles Volcano Man for the first time (My Greatest Adventure #36 [10/59] featured a similar battle).

Here's a typical romance comic of the day: Girl's Romances #88

Sgt. Rock answers a mysterious SOS in Our Army at War #116. The cover of Our Army at War #124 is a Joe Kubert grey tone (+ original art for pages 15 & 17).

Lady Blackhawk is transformed into a mermaid in Blackhawk #170. Tomahawk encounters an alien Indian Chief in Tomahawk #79.

Star Spangled War Stories reaches triple digits for the second time with the release of #100. The "first" issue of SSWS, published in 1952, is numbered 131 because after the format change from super heroes, it was thought nobody would plunk down 10 for an "untried" title. This line of thinking lasted for two more issues, #132 & #133 then when the 11/52 issue hit the stands it was numbered 3. The last issue, #204 was published in 1977.

Jerry Grandnetti turned out three great grey tone covers for: Our Fighting Forces #71, G.I. Combat #92 & G.I. Combat #96. Russ Heath's covers for Sea Devils #3 & #7 and G.I. Combat #91, #94 and #95 are grey tone also.

Several members of the DC staff appear in Strange Adventures #140's "The Strange Adventure that Really Happened! "; the Faceless Creature returns to Strange Adventures in the pages of #142. Murphy Anderson created this intriguing cover for Strange Adventures #143. Atomic Knights make their only cover appearance, Murphy Anderson's work again, on Strange Adventures #144.

Company mascot Johnny DC is given a full page introduction throughout the line; this is the inside front cover of Green Lantern #17 (+ back cover).

Rudolph and friends bid farewell to 1962 and greet 1963 with this 80 page GIANT Annual. The back cover is a handy 1963 calendar. This is the final issue of the title which began in 1950.

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