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Kid Flash makes his first appearances in Flash #110 (+ splash page & house ad) and #111 (+ splash page) followed by The ElongatedMan in Flash #112 (+ splash page & page 10 original art). The Trickster follows in Flash #113. Captain Cold returns in The Flash #114 (+ splash page). Grodd is the cause of Flash's weight gain in #115 (+ splash page); the Flash is involved in the Elongated Man back-up stoy. In #116 group of Flash fans from the future try to prevent the demise of their hero at the hands of a criminal from their time; Kid Flash and his father share an adventure in the back-up tale "The Race to Thunder Hill!." Here's the original art for pages 3 and 9. Rounding out the year, Captain Boomerang wishes the Scarlet Speedster anything but a "G'day" in Flash #117.

Suicide Squad continues in The Brave and the Bold #26 & #27. The Justice League of America is given a try-out in Brave & the Bold #s 28 (+ splash page, back cover & house ad), 29 (+ splash page & page 4 original art) and 30 (+ splash page) & page 7 original art). Cave Carson debuts in Brave and the Bold #31.

The cover of Western Comics #82 is a Gil Kane grey tone. Bob Brown created another wonderful grey tone cover for Challengers of the Unknown #11 then The Challengers of the Unknown face a new nemisis: Multi-Man in #14.

The first 80 page giant (Summer) is published (at the allowance busting price of 25!) containing the Superman Family's greatest tales; here's the house ad as it appeared in Detective Comics #282. The second GIANT Annual (Winter) features the greatest villians that have battled The Man of Steel.

Green Lantern finishes his Showcase try-out with 24 (+ back cover). Rip Hunter's final Showcase appearances are #s 25 (grey tone cover by Joe Kubert) & 26 (+ splash page). The Sea Devils debut in Showcase #27 (+ splash page & page 3 original art) and continue in #28 (+ splash page original art) & #29.

Characters resembling writer Gardner Fox and editor Julius Schwartz are featured in the tale "Menace of the Shrinking Bomb!" published in Strange Adventures #113, The Atomic Knights enter into the DC Universe in Strange Adventures #117 (+ "Challenge of the Gorilla Genius!" splash page & "The Rise of the Atomic Knights!" splash page).

Aqua-boy, later Lad, appears in Adventure Comics #269. The origin of Lex Luthor is presented in Adventure Comics #271, he first appeared in Action Comics #23 April, 1940 sporting red hair. The more familiar bald visage of the evil genius first appears in Superman #10 + back cover (05-06/1941), the first cover appearance: Action Comics #47 (04/42).

Superman and Batman meet for the "first" time in the pages of Adventure Comics #275 (+ splash page).

The origin of Mr. Mxyzptlk is presented in Superboy #78, he first appeared in Superman #30 (09-10/1944), first cover appearance: Action Comics #80 (01/45). Readers are given a glimpse of "Life On Krypton!" in Superboy #79. In the next issue, Superboy meets his cousin Supergirl then Superboy crosses paths with a living piece of the old homestead: the Kryptonite Kid in Superboy #83. Supergirl visits Smallville in Adventure Comics #278. White Kryptonite is seen for the first time in Adventure Comics #279. The secret of Kryptonite is revealed in Superman #136 (+ splash page); Superman journeys to his home planet in Superman #141. Lois Lane travels to Superman's Fortress of Solitude and enters the bottle city of Kandor; then Lois and Lana Lang take their battle for the affection of Superman to new heights in Lois Lane #21. All but one image on the cover is the work of Curt Swan & Stan Kaye; Kurt Schaffenberger rendered Lois' head. The Superman Emergency Squad is seen for the first time in Jimmy Olsen #48.

The origin of the Bizarro World is revealed in Action Comics #263. Legion of Super-Heroes members Colossal Boy, Chameleon Boy and Invisible Kid are seen for the first time when Supergirl is offered Legion membership in #267.

Being caught in the viewfinder of a criminal scientist's camera transforms Batman in Detective Comics #284. Lex Luthor appears in Batman #130's cover story, in #131 Bruce Wayne's faithful butler, Alfred imagines a future where Dick Grayson & Bruce Wayne, Jr. are "The Second Batman and Robin Team!" Bat-Mite's first appearance in the Batman title takes place in Batman #133. The original Bat-Girl swings into action in Batman #139. Batwoman and Superman appear in Batman #140. Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk team-up for the first time in World's Finest #113.

It's Adam Strange versus Adam Strange in Mystery in Space #59.

House of Mystery reaches #100.

Lady Blackhawk does her best Supergirl impression in Blackhawk #151, the adventures of Johnny Cloud begin in All-American Men of War #82. Star Spangled War Stories #90 is the first entry in a long series of dinosaur covers. The first Enemy Ace tale is told in Star Spangled War Stories #94. Our Army at War #91 is the first all Sgt. Rock issue. Russ Heath & Jack Adler collaborated on G.I. Combat #80's cover. The covers of G.I. Combat #79, #81, 82 and #83 are Jerry Grandenetti masterpieces. G.I. Combat #84 is a Joe Kubert greytone.

A Date With Judy ends at #79. The plug is pulled on The Three Mouseketeers after 26 issues and Flippity & Flop after 47 issues. Flippity & Flop began in 1951.

Based on the strong sales of their try-out issues, both The (+ splash page & page 21 original art) and (+ splash page) are given their own titles. Green Lantern ends in 1972 with #89, the JLA ends in 1987 with #261 (issue #178 dated May, 1980 pays homage to that classic first cover).

Green Lantern's first encounter with inhabitants of Qward occurs in issue #2; GL's Power Lamp is stolen by agents of Qward in #3 (+ splash page).

Rudolph and friends spread holiday cheer in this mag.

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