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The Silver-Age Flash takes over where his Golden-Age counterpart's title left off, #104 (02/49), with issue #105 (+ splash page and house ad) vs. The Mirror Master who survives the encounter and returns in issue #109 (+ back cover). The Flash's Rogue's Gallery expands to include The Pied Piper & the gorilla genius Grodd in #106. Grodd's story continues in #107 and concludes in #108. The adventures of The Flash end with #350 in 1985.

World's Finest Comics #100 is published, the title (for one issue Spring 1941) originally was World's Best Comics (+ 1st page). It was changed to World's Finest Comics #2 Summer 1941. Batman & Robin and Superman appeared in seperate stories up to issue #71 (08/54) when the page count and price were cut, as shown in this house ad. The book ends in 1986 with #323. Batman and Superman first teamed in Superman #76 + splash page & house ad (06/52). Superman and Batman & Robin first appeared together on the cover of the 1940 edition of New York World's Fair Comics.

Strange Adventures also reaches #100, the title began in 1950.

The origin of The Green Arrow is retold in Adventure Comics #256, it was first told in More Fun Comics #89 (1943). Superboy meets Green Arrow in Adventure Comics #258. Aquaman's origin is told in Adventure Comics #260; the origin of Green Arrow's partner Speedy is retold in #262. Pa Kent is the mastermind behind Adventure Comics #263's (+ splash page) seeming betrayal of Superboy.

Wonder Woman's origin is retold in Wonder Woman #105 + splash page (Wonder Woman #45 (+ splash page), 01-02/1951 features an origin story) and her adventures as a teenager are revealed in #107.

An experiment goes awry causing Superman to age and Tommy Tomorrow's adventures come to an end in Action Comics #251 (+ splash page), he next appears in World's Finest #102.

DC introduces Supergirl (for the third time) in Action Comics #252 + house ad. The war between Jimmy Olsen and Superman is fought in Action Comics #253. Superman crosses paths with Bizarro in a two part tale told in Action Comics #254 & #255, the Superman of the distant future is featured in #256.

The Man of Tomorrow time travels to the year 2000 in Superman #128, Bruce (Batman) Wayne appears in the Lois Lane back-up story. This issue also includes the first appearance of Red Kryptonite in the Superman title. Lois Lane is traped in the fourth dimention and another "L.L." enters Superman's life: mermaid Lori Lemaris debuts in Superman #129 (+ splash page). Readers are shown (with help from Batman) what Superman's life would have been like had Krypton not exploded in Superman #132.

Superman's pal time travels to Krypton in Jimmy Olsen #36, this issue marks the first appearance of Lucy Lane (Lois' sister).

Lois Lane meets Superboy in Adventure Comics #261 (Adventure Comics #128 [05/48] carries the story "How Clark Kent Met Lois Lane!"), Superboy creates the first Superman robot in Adventure Comics #265 (+ splash page), the second Legion of Super-Heroes tale is told in Adventure Comics #267 (+ splash page).

The Superboy Revenge Squad goes into action in Superboy #74 (+ splash page).

Robin guests in Lois Lane #6 (+ splash page), Lois is given a taste of what Superman's life is like in #8 (+ splash page), Aquaman appears in #12 and Lois masqurades as Batwoman in #14.

Mark Merlin begins his run in House of Secrets #23.

Lady Blackhawk joins the team in Blackhawk #133.

Teen idol Pat Boone is given his own mag, the entire five issue run can be seen here. He also appears in Lois Lane #9.

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan end with #6 (+ splash page), Mr. District Attorney is turned out of office with issue #67, he took office in 1948 + splash page & back cover. Gang Busters is no more after 67 issues (+ splash page); the first is dated December-January 1947-48 + back cover. Rex the Wonder Dog is retired after 46 issues. Number 1 (+ splash page) was published in 1952.

The DC run of Hopalong Cassidy comes to an end with #135. The title was acquired from Fawcett Publications and began anew with issue #86 [February, 1954]. Hoppy's Fawcett adventures began in 1943 and ended in 1953.

A story entitled "The Atom Detective!" is published in House of Mystery #86, it contains story elements that will be used three years later with the debut of the Silver Age Atom. The grey tone cover of House of Mytery #89 is Bernard Baily's work. Dick Dillin was the creative force behind the grey tone cover for House of Mystery #92, Nick Cardy worked on the grey tone cover for House of Mystery #93. Gil Kane supplied the the grey tone cover for Strange Adventures #110.

Mr. Zero, later to be known as Mr. Freeze, appears for the first time in Batman #121. This story inspired episodes 7 ("Instant Freeze"--air date: 02/02/66) and 8 ("Rats Like Cheese"--air date: 02/03/66) of the Batman TV series. The origin of Batman's chum Robin, the Boy Wonder is re-told in Batman #129, he first appeared in Detective Comics #38, April 1940, his first solo adventure takes place in Detective Comics #41. Robin also had a 65 (#s 65 [+ splash page]-130, 1947-1952) issue run in Star Spangled Comics, the title began in 1941. Robin learns all the details of Batman's first case in Detective Comics #265. Bat-Mite appears for the first time in Detective Comics #267.

The Brave and the Bold for '59: #21 [grey tone cover by Irv Novick], #22 (+ splash page) [grey tone cover by Joe Kubert]. The origin of The Viking Prince is presented in The Brave & the Bold #23 [grey tone cover by Joe Kubert], #24 (+ splash page). Task Force X: Suicide Squad debuts in Brave & the Bold #25.

The cover of Tomahawk #65 is a Bob Brown grey tone. Adam Strange moves from Showcase to Mystery in Space starting with issue #53 (+ splash page). Take a look at the grey tone cover of Mystery in Space #55--it's a great one by Gil Kane. Here's Joe Kubert's version rendered for a Strange Adventures #220 reprint in 1969. The cover of Mystery in Space #56, also by Gil Kane, is a beaut too! Space Ranger moves to Tales of the Unexpected with #40 (+ splash page) and makes his first cover appearance on #43, a grey tone by Bob Brown. Joe Kubert turned out grey tone covers for All American Men of War #76, G.I. Combat #75 and #76. No need for the usual blurb on this striking grey tone cover by Jerry Grandnetti for G.I. Combat #77, #74 is his work also. The cover of Our Fighting Forces #51 and Star Spangled War Stories #81 are grey tones by Russ Heath. "The Rock" a.k.a. Sgt. Rock enlists with Our Army at War #81 (+ splash page), his first cover appearance is #88.

Rip Hunter, Time Master is given a try-out in Showcase #s 20-21, then ace test pilot Hal Jordan becomes the Silver-Age in Showcase #s 22 (+ splash page & back cover) and 23 (+ back cover).

Rudolph and friends make their yearly appearance in this mag.

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