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The Flash streaks through two more issues of Showcase (#13 (+ splash page) & #14 + splash page) then the title explores the far reaches of the cosmos beginning with issues 15 (+ splash page) & 16 featuring Space Ranger. Adam Strange debuts in Showcase #17's "Adventures on Other Worlds" and continues through issues #18 & #19. Here's an ad promoting #17; printed in Action Comics #246.

Lois Lane gets her own title (+ splash page) that lasts 137 issues, ending in 1974. Lois made her first cover appearance on Action Comics #27 (08/40)--NOT #29 (10/40) as stated in the Overstreet Price Guide.

The Fortress of Solitude is seen for the first time in Action Comics #241. Superman's Rogues Gallery becomes a bit more crowded with the inclusion of Brainiac in Action Comics #242 (+ splash page); a renegade scientist from Kandor briefly takes Superman's place in #245 (+ house ad). Jimmy Olsen becomes Elastic Lad in Jimmy Olsen #31.

The Legion of Super-Heroes makes its first appearance in Adventure Comics #247 (+ splash page & Mexican cover), #251 tells, in flashback, of Superboy's first encounter with Green Kryptonite. Red Kryptonite is seen for the first time in Adventure Comics #252. Superboy meets Robin in Adventure Comics #253.

The grey tone covers of Western Comics #71, All-Star Western #102 & #103, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #39 & #42, Mystery in Space #45 & #46 are all the work of Gil Kane.

Super-Girl is given a try-out in Superman #123 (+ splash page). "Lois Lane's Super-Dreams" are revealed in Superman #125; Earth is threatend with the same fate as Krypton in Superboy #67; Bizarro is brought to "life" in #68.

The Challengers of the Unknown leave Showcase (#12) behind for their own title (+ splash page).

The six issues of The Brave and the Bold for '58 are: #15, #16 (+ splash page), #17 (+ Joe Kubert's original page 4 & 5 art), #18 [grey tone cover by Irv Novick], 19 (+ splash page) and 20.

The cover of G.I. Combat #56 is a Joe Kubert grey tone, #64 is his work too. Jerry Grandenetti rendered covers for G.I. Combat #s 53, 57, 60, 65 & 67. The cover of My Greatest Adventure #24 is a Nick Cardy grey tone, #25 is a Bob Brown grey tone, as is House of Mystery #80. Peter Panda #28's grey tone cover is the work of Ruben Grossman.

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan begin.

Superman appears briefly in Wonder Woman #94. Wonder Woman also celebrates 100 isues, the first was released in 1942. The last issue, #329 is dated 02/1986.

Batman #113 introduces the Batman-Superman of Planet X and Fatman. Batman & Robin match wits with The Terrible Trio in Detective Comics #253, the first flight of the Whirly Bat occurs in Detective Comics #257.

The DC run of Robin Hood Tales comes to an end with issue #14. The last DC issue of Mutt & Jeff is #103.

The 1958-59 Holiday Season arrives.

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