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Showcase continues with Challengers of the Unkown #6 (+ splash page), #7 & #11, The Flash fills #8 (+ splash page #1 & #2) and for two issues, #s 9-10, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane has the spotlight.

The Brave and the Bold for 1957: #9, #10, #11, #12, #13 and #14

Tomahawk reaches #50. In 1971, with issue #131, the title is changed to Son of Tomahawk. The last issue, dated 06/72, is #140. Tomahawk #1 (+ splash page) is dated 09-10/50.

Blackhawk and G.I. Combat, aquired by N.P.P. in the Quality Comics Group buy-out, resume publication with issue #108 and #44 (grey tone cover by Jerry Grandenetti) respectively. Blackhawk first appeared in Military Comics #1 (08/41); The fridgid, felonous Mr. Freeze faces the fearless fliers in Balckhawk #117. Quality Comics began G.I. Combat in 1952, publishing a total of 43 issues. The DC run ends in 1987 with #288.

Robin Hood Tales makes its DC debut with #7. Check out the British version of the same issue. The book began at Quality Comics in 1956.

The covers of Our Fighting Forces #20, Our Army at War #57 and #60 are grey tones by Jerry Grandnetti, the covers of G.I. Combat #47, #49, #51 and #55 are his work also. Carmine Infantino did a grey tone for All-Star Western #96. Mystery in Space #36 (+ back cover), #39, & 40, Strange Adventures #80, Big Town #46, Hopalong Cassidy #124, Western Comics #64 and Rex the Wonder Dog #31 feature grey tone covers by Gil Kane.

Batman battles a robot double in Detective Comics #239, grey tone cover by Sheldon Moldoff, + back cover. See the 100 Batarangs of Batman in Detective Comics #244. Robin undergoes a startling transformation in Batman #107. The 1,001 inventions of Batman can be seen in Batman #109. The Joker makes his first SA appearance in Batman #110, he first appeared in Batman #1, Spring 1940. Here's the first page & back cover. His first Detective Comics appearance: #45 (+ splash page) dated 11/40; his origin is revealed in Detective Comics #168 (+ splash page), 02/51. The Clown Prince of Crime lands his own book in 1975--it lasts 9 issues. Batman throws in the cowl in Detective Comics #247. Lex Luthor and The Joker pool their talents in World's Finest #88. Batwoman appears in World's Finest #90.

A robot ruse is employed in Adventure Comics #234; the fate of Superboy's robot doubles is revealed in Superman #284 (02/75).

A meteor from Krypton carries the secret of "The Superman of the Past" in Superman #113 (+ splash page); the unthinkable occurs in Action Comics #225 and Superman #118! Curt Swan's first Action Comics cover is that of #232. His first Superman cover is #89 (05/54).

Ruben Moreira rendered beautiful grey tone covers for My Greatest Adventure #17 and Tales of the Unexpected #15 & #17.

The Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis end with #40, the title began in 1952 (+ splash page). Jerry's solo run ends with #124 (1971).

Dodo and the Frog ends with issue #92.

The 1st DC issue of Heart Throbs is released.

Rudolph and friends wish all a happy 1957-58 Holiday Season!

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