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DC's first grey tone cover is that of Star Spangled War Stories #45, penciled and inked by Jerry Grandenetti. Superboy meets Superman in Superboy #47 and "Metallo" of Krypton (who once belonged to the Boy of Steel's father, Jor-El) in #49. The origin of Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane is revealed in Wonder Woman #80. Tales of the Unexpected begins. Davy Crockett is featured in Frontier Fighters. Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners begin. The striking cover of All-American Men of War #35 is a grey tone by Jerry Grandnetti.

The title that is regarded as the birthplace of the DC Comics Silver-Age begins: #1, (+ 1st page and house ad) April 1956 #2, (+ splash page & house ad) June 1956 #3 (+ splash page), August 1956. Then the Silver-Age offically begins with Showcase #4, (+ splash page) October 1956: is reborn in the person of police scientist Barry Allen. "Manhunters" (not of the Martian variety) appear in Showcase #5.

DC (National Periodical Publications) acquires the publishing rights to the Quality Comics Group titles.

The House of Secrets begins (+ 1st page).

Batman #100 is published. The Mad Hatter appears for the first time in Detective Comics #230; episodes 69 ("The Contaminated Cowl"--air date: 01/04/67) and 70 ("The Mad Hatter Runs A Foul"--air date: 01/05/67) of the Batman TV series were based on this story. The identity of the first Batman is revealed in Detective Comics #235. Batman enters the Silver-Age in Batman #103 & Detective Comics #236. Batwoman makes her Silver-Age debut in Batman #105. Her DC Universe debut occured shortly before this in Detective Comics #233 (+ splash page).

Superman travels 1,000 years into the future in Action Comics #215; Superman must retrace his steps to learn which of his mistakes caused his secret identity to be revealed in Superman #105 (+ splash page).

The Brave & the Bold continues with issue #s 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and enters the Silver-Age with issue #8. Wonder Woman makes the transition to the new Age in #85 of her title. Superman does likewise in Action Comics #221 & Superman #109. Other titles making the transition: Adventure Comics #229 (+ splash page), The Adventures of Bob Hope #41, The Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis #32, The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #29, All American Men of War #38, All-Star Western #91, Big Town #41, Blackhawk #105, A Date with Judy #55, Dodo and the Frog #90, The Fox and the Crow #36, Gang Busters #54, G.I. Combat #41, Hopalong Cassidy #118, House of Mystery #55, Jimmy Olsen #16, Legends of Daniel Boone #8, Mr. District Attorney #53, Mutt & Jeff #90, My Greatest Adventure #11, Mystery in Space #34, Nutsy Squirrel #71, Our Army at War #51, Our Fighting Forces #14, (NOT #7 as stated in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.) Peter Panda #20, Peter Porkchops #46, The Raccoon Kids #62, Real Screen Comics #101, Star Spangled War Stories #50, Strange Adventures #73, Sugar and Spike #4, Superboy #52, Tales of the Unexpected #6, Tomahawk #44, Western Comics #59 and World's Finest Comics #84.

Rudolf and friends usher in the 1956-57 Holiday Season.

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