Hi I'm Sherry
aka Sherrycat >^._.^<

Yup this is me!

If you have seen my mail you'll also notice the name Sharon there it is my given name and almost no one calls me this it's in my sig for my parents. I am proud to say my parents have been married 38 years. Are wonderful.
(June 1963 - incase I forget to fix the years)
I had a very fun childhood full of adventure. We camped and took long drives. Had great times at the beach. The most important thing is we spent time together! I also had 2 brothers who are also fantastic. They are exactly what a sister would ask for. I am very proud of them. My family may be separated by miles but we will always be close in our hearts. I think of them every day and they are in every prayer.

Well you are here to meet me. I'm not sure where to start. .So I'll start at the begining I was born in upstate Vermont on April 23, 1964. I now live in New Hampshire

I went from the Green Mountain State to the White Mountain State. Both are beautiful and very picturesque. Mountains, valleys , fields, farms and forests. We have it all up here.
Lakes and ponds galore! All four seasons in their glory.

Vermont has Lake Champlain, for its western border. You can see New York on the other side. New Hampshire has the ocian and Maine, on its eastern border. The Conneticut river devides the 2 states. With Canada to the north and Massachusets to the south we are very cozy here.

Small towns are the norm in New England. Very quiet and cozy. Don't blink you'll miss it!
To the surprise of many we do have cities. They may not be a Boston, New York or LA. But who want's that. They have what we need.

History is abundant here. We have been around a long time.
VT & NH links comming soon

I've always loved animals, books, photography and crafts. I have 4 male cats-Dunkin,Smokie,Tigger & Boots. 2 mini hampsters Chip & Dale. My 2 newest family members are George & Gracie they are green iguanas. My cats all have their own pages the others haven't started them yet! You can even see them all in my photo section.

I love to read horror(Steven King,John Saul) science ficton(*Star Trek* ok~ everything SF) & fantasy(Mercedes Lackey, Piers Anthony. If Its got dragons or magic I'm reading it!) Opps can't forget great classic writers like Asimov, Heinline & Hogan. And as a strange twist in my reading V.C Andrews.
My Tv watching follows the same lines. Though I LOVE great comedy. Lucile Ball, Carrol Bernett ,Jerry Lewis, Abott & Costello, Gene Wilder & Eddy Murphy.
I do Love the classics and I will admit a love of great westerns. I never miss a John Wayne movie when it's on. If You want to meet my deeper side I have read the Bible and love Touched By An Angel as well as 7th Heaven
( I never miss an episode of either show).
I also love the discovery & history channels and their web sites

I love to take nature photo's. Scenery, animals, flowers even bugs! For me 5 rolls of film is a slow weekend. Yes I've got them in my pages also.

Crafts I love to dabble in and I've tryed a lot but making jewlery is my favorite. I love bead work.

Music is always on in my home I love everything from the 50's to the 70's. Rock, country, folk, jazz, blues & gospel. Just no rap or opera please! Even my cat's have their favorites.

I LOVE my web tv. Untill February of 2000 I swore I'd never go on the internet. I didn't see the need to. A bonus at work got me my web tv and I thought the e mail would be cool. Little did I know I'd become an addict. I love to learn and this is a great place to do it. Helping others is the other bonus. I love to help others and put a smile on peoples faces. Sure I can't see it but I know it's there!

Join the fun and play in my pages. (NOTE: Thanks Mom for sending some great jokes - You can find these in my just for laughs section) .Some are slow growing (wish I had more time) but they are growing. There are also new pages in the works like photo tips and home made backgrounds.

So keep checking back.