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"BIRTH-A-SCOPE" Natal Personality Chart

Item #BAS1.......The BIRTH-A-SCOPE was created in 1986 by artist Shara Crawford.
A mental health professional and a psychic at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival
(where she is known as "Arachne") she combines her expertise in both areas
to create this unique natal chart based on each person's
personal birth data.

Each Chart will be $14.95 plus tax and $2.00 S&H fee
The S&H fee is waived if you pay for and pick it up in the store.
Printed on 8" X 10" card stock paper, the Birth-a-scope looks best
in an 11" X 14" frame (not included) in order for it to have a nice border.
If you prefer, the size is just right to put in a baby book.

If ordering by e-mail:
E-mail me with the following information:
1. Full Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Day of Week (if Known)
4. Place of Birth
5. Time of Birth

If you want to order it in person or by snail mail
Click here for Printable form.

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