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March 21, 1950 to April 1, 2004

Visitors since 1/28/04:

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Shortly before his death
and due to many requests from his fans,
Pat McJimsey digitally re-mastered the
"I Dig Girls" Album
originally released in the 80's.

He was very excited about this
re-release and had plans to come out with a new,
"all blues album", later in the year.

Thanks to the magic of the internet,
and the devotion of his family
and friends,
Pat's extrordinary talent lives on to be experienced here
by old and new fans alike.

Click on the album below to hear MP3 "snippets"
of some of the songs.

Then Click Here to Order the CD

Want to talk about Pat?
Please visit and share your thoughts and memories.

Pat loved his message board
and checked it daily.
Now that he is gone, the message board
has become a place for those who loved Pat
and his music, to leave their thoughts
memories and best wishes to the family.
Hundreds of famous and non-famous
Pat McJimsey fans/friends/family have left messages on this board.
His wife Barb has taken over the board an appreciates all the notes left.
She tries to respond when she can.

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