I no longer do my private readings out of my home.

When my daughter moved home my house became too full.
2 households of furniture and odds and ends, crammed into one little home
is not condusive to doing readings.

My daughter was quite ill and was in a hospital bed in the livingroom.
For her protection I began reading in local restaurants, where I could smoke

and where I was waited on by friendly waiters and waitresses,

I could set my appointments to coincide with times they are not busy
with breakfast,lunch or dinner crowds.

After my daughter's death I continued to read out of restaurants. It has generally been a good experience.
I can eat, drink,
and even though tobacco smoking is now banned,the staff is always couteous and people really do not pay attention to what we are doing.

I currently read at the Denny's restaurant just off Shawnee Mission Parkway
between the what is now the K-Mart store and the Drury Inn Motel.

The address is:
9001 W. 63rd St.
Merriam, Ks. 66202
Though the map is a little outdated.
It says Denny's is next to a Sears store (which it was) but has been changed recently to a K-Mart.

This page updated in Feb. 2012