Going to the Renaissance Festival can be a fantastically fun experience
or a miserable one.
A few simple preparations can prevent frustration or mishaps
and, since I want you to have a marvelous time,
I am giving you these simple tips:
Here are my survival tips:

1. Wear good walking shoes or boots. (no sandals, thongs or high heels.)The ground is not level or stable, covered with mulch, straw and stones and often muddy.
The wrong footwear can lead to cuts, bruises or twisted ankles.

2. Wear NOTHING scented. (ground bees are viscious and will bother and sting you if you scent yourself with hairspray, scented deodorant or perfume.)

3. Bring a bag big enough to carry your own water. Unless you like paying $3 a bottle.
If you can find one of those folding grocery carts,
put a canvas bag in it to carry your purchases, insect repellent, etc.

4. Bring your own container with a lid to pour any drinks you buy into. the lid and a straw are essential to keep the bees off your cup and out of your throat.

5. Insect repellent is A MUST.
I like avon's skin so soft but any good repellent will do.
This makes sure the skeeters and ticks won't get you.

6. If you bring small children, for heaven's sake bring a BIG wheeled carrier to push.
There are 40 acres of uneven lanes with wood mulch, straw and stone
for them to be pushed over.
Walkers with small wheels will become snagged and difficult to push, believe me.

7.Bring plenty of cash but do not bring big bills.
Every year vendors are warned there are counterfeit
$50 and $100 bills being passed around the festival
so some of us do not take them.
Performers pass the hat so you might bring a roll of quarters.
It gives you change to drop in their hats if you enjoy their shows.
Also, do not count on the ATM machines to be working.
They are run by banks and occasionally don't work.

Just in case, bring your own handcleaner etc.
Crews try to keep plenty of soap and paper towels stocked
but we serve a lot of patrons and often run out.

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