Since everyone who sees my website will not live in the Kansas City Metro Area, I have decided to use Pay Pal to allow them to pay for a Telephone Reading.

In addition to my Psychic work, I used to own a gift Mall.
It also sold items online as well. It was called THE MERRIAM MINIMALL.
Thru the mall I set up a paypal account for readings over the phone. I still have that account and continue to use it.
I also have an Arachne account through PayPal and, though I am faily tech savvy, getting one account switched for another is somewhat daunting and so you could be billed by one or the other (never both) and each is equally valid.

Phone readings are more complicated because you need to call me first:

(That's Central Standard Time)
We will need make arrangements as to the time I can speak with you
and verify the amount of money you will be spending.

Once we have talked,
make your selection by clicking on the link that you want.
Call me back with your verification number and your phone number.
After I check with PayPal, I will call you back.
You will have no further long-distance charges after that.

As I already said, it is a little complicated
but it's the best way for now.
Naturally I will still stand behind my Readings and,
if you are not satisfied with the reading,
Pay Pal has a chargeback feature
by which I can refund your payment.

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This page updated on 2/2012