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Our Old Booth

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Booth #428 Arachne's Psychic Palace

Welcome to my Psychic Palace
(Renaissance Festival Page).

The Psychic Palace is located at
the Kansas City Renaissance Festival grounds
situated in Mermaid Commons.

We are between the stage and the privys
(Renaissance speak for Restrooms),
just before you head down "Stubtoe Lane".

As you can see from the photo above,
in 2005 we remodeled the booth to look like one building.
I am located in the booth on the right side and
Karen Elise's booth is on the left.

Click on the spider in the left column
to see what our booth looked like
in 2004 before the remodel.

For years we had Fern Moreland in our booth.
She was a bright light and a psychic of
unique capabilities.
we were fortunate to add Bob Region after her death
and he has become an invaluable addition ..

Our Festival runs for 7 weekends in the Fall.
To visit the Festival Website.
Click on the dwarf and he will take you there.

Thanks for coming, check back often.


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