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It seems there are so many psychics advertising themselves these days, that it is hard to know who to pick, and what you have a right to expect from a reading, if you haven't already had experience with one.

Let's discuss some of the common sense things that you can do to make sure you get the most out of your Psychic Reading.
It will be your responsibility to ask the right questions when you interview the psychic. I will give you some questions to ask. I will also talk about Gypsys and those "Psychic Hotlines" where you get the "free" readings.


Even if you have had a reading before, you may not have been satisfied with the results, or maybe you were not comfortable with the psychic. Many people are very happy with their experiences, but I have had clients that came to me with stories of disatisfaction. I think this could have been avoided if they had known what to look for in a psychic, what to expect, and how to evaluate whether the psychic they had selected was the right one for them. The time to ask questions is on the phone,
BEFORE you make the appointment.
Asking the right questions can go a long way toward making your experience a good one.

#1.Ask if you may TAPE the session.

#2.Ask if you may BRING A FRIEND. (witness).
If the answer to one or both of these questions is "NO",
then you must assume this psychic has something to hide. I would pass them by.

#3. Ask how much the reading costs.

#4. Ask if the fee for the session or the time?
Most Psychics will quote you a price and tell you what it is for.
If it is for time, then you will want to know how much it will cost if the session runs over.
If it is for the session, (as my fee is,)
then the session may run under or over at no additional cost.

#5.Ask if you must pay before the session.

#6 Ask if you can get your money back if you are not pleased with the session.
(If the psychic tells you some story about their time being valuable,
tell them yours is too.)
I know of no reputable psychic who wants you to pay for a reading you are unhappy with. Unhappy clients make for bad "word of mouth" recommendations,
so we want you to leave with good thoughts
(if not about the reading, at least about our honesty and fairness.)
We, most of us, know we are not always 100% all the time.
We have to be prepared to have a few "missed boats".


Gypsys do not advertise themselves as gypsys.
They DO use signs.
The signs are large and recognizable.
Placed outside their place of business, The signs usually say: "Psychic Advisor".
(Usually,there are cars for sale next to the gypsy's business). This is NOT a legitimate psychic.


It is important to know this because we do not want you to mistake them for us.
That is why we do not use signs to advertise ourselves.

If you call one on the phone, use the questions above to make sure you have not called one.

A Gypsy is running a scam and is counting on fear and intimidation
to get you to spend more and more money with her.
She will often caution you not to tell anyone about your session.
She knows her actions will not stand up under scrutiny.
A legitimate psychic HOPES you will tell others about your session.
We have nothing to hide.

A gypsy will probably tell you there is a curse or a hex on you.
They tell you they can remove it if you buy some object from them,
wash it in salt water(or some other action) and return with more money, etc.
It is one of their more common scams,but not the only one.

I was recently called by a woman who had lost her husband a few months ago and
called a "spiritualist" to try to get some comfort.
She was told two women had put a curse on her and eventually,
after having bought $300 worth of oil, etc, the gypsy told her to
put $3000.00 under her mattress.
When the gypsy called to ask if the $3000.00 was under her mattress yet, the woman got spooked and called me. She was frightened and felt foolish. I told her to call the police and to sever all contact with the gypsy.

People fear that Gypsy's will retaliate. They are usually feeling foolish and are ashamed to call the police.
The gypsy counts on your silence to allow her to keep on scamming people.
She does not want to have to deal with the police and will not retaliate.

Another Example: A group of psychics complained to me that there was a gypsy using this scam
in a Flea Market near Wichita, where they had set up shop also.
They said she was grabbing people,
telling them they had a curse on them and insisting they had to buy a rock from her to stop the curse.
Understandably, they were upset about the damage to their own reputations by association.
I recommended that they make a big sign that said:
"Curses Removed Free"
and post it in their booth. They did, and she left the Mall that day.
Not being a legitimate psychic, she had nothing else to draw upon but her scam, which had been effectively neutralized by the sign.

Another thing a gypsy, or disreputable "psychic", will not let you do is
have a witness with you.
They may tell you the other person's "vibes" will throw them off.
Frankly, if that were true, I do not see how they could read at all,
since "vibes" do not respect walls and are everywhere.
We are constantly bombarded by "vibes".
They are not restricted by time, space or distance.
If we, as psychics, are able to read at Fairs and Festivals,
where there are thousands of "vibes",
I fail to see how 2 sets of "vibes" in an enclosed room would be a deterent.


My own investigations into the hotlines showed that the psychics
(if that's what they are) are paid a low salary, on a commission basis.
The longer they keep the caller on the phone, the more money they make.
Some of the hotlines that offer "free" readings can cost you $300.00 or more.
Your reading might be free, but the phone call isn't.
Trust your judgement.
"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is".

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