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My name is Arachne.
That's pronounced: "Uh-RACK-knee".

My background as a Mental Health Professional,combined with my ability
as an empath, gives me the unique ability to give people useful,no nonsense
insights and tools to assist them in making more useful choices for themselves in the future.
Before you go any farther, I recommend you read the

I live in Merriam, Kansas,
and I do Private Readings, (by appointment),
Phone Readings(by appointment)
am Available to Entertain at Parties
and have been a psychic at the Renaissance Festival here
since 1980.

Please Note. I DO NOT DO READINGS AT W. 52ND St.
That is an internet error that I am unable to correct!

If, after you read this page, you want to make an appointment,
call 913-831-2268.
I am availiable Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
No calls after 10pm, please.

To see where I do read, click the link below.

The links at the left of the page
will take you to pages that explain my services and prices,
take you to my Renaissance Festival Website,
tell you about my other readers and
MOST Important
guide you in your choice of psychics so that you are not cheated.
I specifically refer to Gypsys there.

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