My name is

As many of you know, my story has unfolded as somewhat of a saga

as told in my

In the beginning of April , 2003 I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. (After I had heard the word "tumor" used once too often, I decided to refer to it as "TOMMY").

Having been in the hospital on I.V. steroids, now at home on oral steroids in decreasing dosages, the tumor is growing at a fast rate and the outer symptoms that the I.V. steroids helped to diminish are now returning.
I did Radiation Planning on July 29, 2003. After that, Radiation treatments have begun on a daily basis for approximately 2 weeks (or perhaps longer if deemed necesary).

My sight was all but gone before the hospitalization. After that, most of it had finally returned and, henceforth, so did the love of my life...the art of Imaging. What I was severely limited to do for 3 months, I made up for with a passion.I was also able to join my Imaging Ngs,
Art For All & Tigerlilly's,
and commence carrying on with my best bud

Now, as the symptoms of pain,swelling and losing sight are raising their ugly head again, all that I can do is try to keep a positive attitude.
I have no idea how much sight I might lose again or what the Radiation will bring me.

In this slideshow I would like to share with you the glory of what my return to Imaging has been like. Sleep is something I tried to get as little of as possible in order to do what I love so well as many hours of the day as I could.
At this time, I am, again, restricted in my Imaging capabilities. Henceforth, these images are an accumulation of what I could do when I had the chance.
I plan on picking up right where I left off as soon as I am able to !!!

****The tongue-in-cheek parody is one of my ways of coping. I am not trying to downplay the graveness of the situation but, rather, keep my chin up high !!!

Thank You For Taking the Time
To Spend on Me and My Shows....

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