Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.......and so my life now goes.

Having just gotten out of the hospital, for once there is promise of recovery. The IV steroids helped with alot of the symptoms rearing their ugly head because of the brain tumor. Yet, the real picture- T.H.E. CATSCAN-, taken just before my release, will really tell the tale of what success they were and what now is to come.

Day by day....I now have a renewed sense of hope. Yet, the disappointment of not being able to return to my previous life still looms on the horizon, haunting & taunting me hour by hour.

Future radiation therapy is a must. A small price to pay for life. My patience is now another obstacle to deal with. I want everything I have missed for the past 3 months to fall into place. My passion, Imaging, and being returned to so many of the people who have helped to support me in this through my A4A Newsgroup seem so close, yet so far away. I had gone from being able to create, at times 7 images a day to, at the most, one every several days. I miss the wee morning hours spent with my friend, Sleeper. Waking and anxious to see what graphics DJ had for us to work on that day, we would first daily celebrate our bond of inseparableness through emails and then off to create, compare styles and post our heart-felt results.
I miss being able to keep up with my other email relationships, of being able to run The World Gallery, of turning once dreamed of projects into being.
Most of all, I miss being able to visit my mother. The distance between us is too many miles: my being able to drive is still out of arm's reach.

Yet, I am alive. From what I have been told, there were many avenues in which to rid me of this affliction that could well have ended my life. At the very least, taken my sight from me permanently.

So, while sharing with me the art that I am only capable of now. Please. Rejoice and celebrate in all of the blessings that you have. Do not take anything for granted.

My new vow is patience & not to be disappointed in that which I cannot do but rather that which I can. For now, much less than I desire but anything that I do is a blessing in disguise minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

Thank you to those special people in my life who are helping me by their support & prayers. It is more valuable than one can imagine.

Thank you to Tigerlilly. She not only taught me Imaging but cared enough to push me to limits that I did not realize that I was capable of obtaining.

And, also, a very special thanks to James. Not only does he help me technically to make these slideshows and whatever else we can think of to keep me a part of the internet community until I am well but,
Thank You, James.......for intervening in order to throw me my life line.

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