My name is
Pirate Voyager

A few months ago, much to my dismay, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor behind my right eye. At this time I am still awaiting surgery.

My forte is being an imaging artist. Unfortunately this turn of events has greatly hampered my ability to work on my art as much as I used to. However, when I have good days, I have tried to carry on the thing that I love so much...creating art.

This slideshow contains the images which I have created since my diagnosis. I refuse to let these circumstances hinder me from even trying to image. If you enjoy this slideshow please bookmark it and return, because it will be a continual work in process until I am able to resume the state of health I enjoyed before. If you would like to view my work before my vision became impaired, you can find my personal art gallery on the last page of this slideshow. Once I return to my normal state of health, my work will continue there. This slideshow is meant to reflect my emotions through my art while I go through this personal crisis.

Thank you for your time by accompanying me through this devastating journey and then, hopefully, healing.


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