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My name is Gabby. I'm a female miniature Schnauzer,
and this is my story....

I was born Paraglides Glorious Gabrielle in October of
1997, in the town of Gillett, in Northern Pennsylvania.
When my brothers and I were just a few weeks old, we
were taken to this neat puppy farm called C.J. Hackett's
Kennels in the little town of Kresgeville. For weeks, we
played and slept, played and ate, played and wet, played
and drank, played and pooped, and played and played....
Late every day and early every morning, a nice lady
named Bonnie would come and take us out of one pen
and put us into a nice clean pen where there was fresh
food and water. Life was good and, little did I know, it
was gonna get better....

I remember the day I was adopted like it was only

We were about four and a half months old and, as you
can well imagine, full of spunk. My two big brothers
were getting the best of me, like they always did, and we
were making the wood shavings on the bottom of the pen
really fly. I had it in my ears and all over my belly. I was
having all kinds of fun....

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her, my
Mom-to-be.... She had a happy face and was smiling at
all the other puppies as she slowly walked down the
long line of pens toward me. My brothers started
jumping up and down and knocked me over to get her
attention. But once she saw me and our eyes locked, it
was all over for both of us. It was love at first sight. I
couldn't wait to get into her arms when, in an instant,
she swept me up and I was right there....

She gave me a hug, and I kissed her, and I kissed her,
and I kissed her.... I snuggled my nose into her neck and
I kissed her some more. She was warm and smelled so
good, so I had to kiss her some more. She tickled my
ear and kissed me back. I was so happy. All I could do
was snuggle into her warmth. I melted into her arms
and knew I would be a part of her forever....



This is me backing up so I can catch a ball.
I do this pretty well and know I really look cute.


This is me sitting up and begging for attention.
It works on my Mom every single time....



Thanks, Skeeter 2/16/99
Have a biscuit....


Thanks, Leonard 10/11/99


~ Thanks, Joschi and Ulli 10/19/99 ~


~ Geoffrey, my hunk! R.I.P. 3/27/2001 ~

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