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A Brave Newfoundlander
A Hearty Welcome To Our Dandy Newfoundland Runners
An Out-Harbour Merchant Looking For A Wife
Ann Eliza Jones
Are You Coming Mrs. Doolin
Aspell And Carter
Betsy Brennan's Blue Hen
Brannigan's Pup
Bring Me Back To My Home
Bring Your Blueberries To Job's Store
Brush Up Your Beaver
The Butterfly Dude
Carter's Hill
Casey Taking The Census
Cotton's Patch - song by the Aussie Pilot
Cotton's Patch - song by the Sealer
Damn The Ever
The Eleven Brave Irish Boys
Empty Is The Doghouse
Fight In Halifax
The Fisherman's Son To The Ice Is Gone (possibly)
Fitzsimmons Beat Corbett
The Flemings Of Torbay
The Flemmings Of Torbay
Full Loads To The Sealers
The Girl I Met From Fogo
The Girl On The Bike
Grandfather O'Brien
The Great Newsboys Strike
The Harbour Grace Excursion
The History Of The World
How Tapper Lost The Race
I Am Dying
If Your Wife Is Run Down Give Her Cod Liver Oil
In Memorial Of 77 Brave Newfoundland Sealers
The July Fire
The Kelligrews Soiree (Vx3)
The Landfall Of Cabot
Lines On The Death Of Professor Danielle
The Little Bunch Of Whiskers
Lives And Property Carried Away By The Tidal Wave
The Luck Went With The Sealers
Mary Ann Hooligan Takes In The Circus
Mary Joe Slip On Your Bloomers
Mary Joe's Mash
McGinnis At The Rink
Michael Power, The Blind Minstrel
Mrs. Brookin's Cat
Mrs. Dempsey
Mrs. Mullowney Was Three Weeks In Bed
Murphy Broke The Pledge
Never Been There Before (V)
Newfoundlanders Extend A Hearty Welcome
The Night Pat Murphy Died
No Short Skirts To Their Knees
Not Burnt Out
Oh, My Goodie Gracious
Old Brown's Daughter (V)
Parody On Dolly Gray
Playing For The Boneen
The Race Boat Iris
The Raffle For The Goat In Joe Batt's Arm
Riley And I Were Chums
Sammy Ain't You Glad You Joined The Navy
The Scramble For The Teapots At The Fire
The Sealers Gained The Strike
The Sealers Strike Of 1902
The Sly Jacken Sailor
The Spring Maurice Crotty Fought The Old Dog Hood
The Terra Nova Regatta
The Twenty Mile Walking Match
They Say The Labrador Is Sold For .30¢
Three Bottles A Week
Trinity Cake (Vx2)
The Trouting Liar
Vote for Bride McGinnis
The Water Shortage At Windsor Lake
Water Street Disturbance
We Must Close Our Little Store On Sunday Morning
The Wedding In Renews
We'll Have To Splice To Get A Flask
When Your Old Woman Takes A Cramp In Her Craw
While I Was On The Jury
Who Put The Herring On The Booze?
Who Shipped The Moonshine To St John's?
Why Didn't You Say So Before
Why Don't The Men Propose
The Widow's Goat

Biographical Notes

From Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador's Music Heritage Site:
Johnny Burke [1851-1930] - a St John's balladeer, the "Bard of Prescott Street" was the son of a sealing captain. He worked as a poet, actor, singer, and playwright, and staged musical comedies. His songs reflect people and events of his time and sold as broadsheets for two to five cents per sheet.


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