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We were bound home in October,
From the Shores of Labrador,
Trying to race a bold nordeaster and snow too;
When the wind swept down upon us,
Making day as dark as night,
Just before we made the land at Baccalieu.

Well, we tried to clear the island,
As we brought her further to,
But the wind from out the nordeast stronger blew;
And our lookout soon he shouted,
For there right dead ahead,
Through the snow squalls
loomed the cliffs of Baccalieu.

And it was hard down with the tiller,
As we struggled with the sheets,
Trying our best to haul them in a foot or two;
With our deck so sharply tilted,
We could scarcely keep our feet,
As we struggled on the rocks at Baccalieu.

For the combers beat her under,
And I thought she'd never rise,
And her main boom was bending nigh in two;
And all hands come to windward,
As they stared with straining eyes,
Down to leeward at the cliffs of Baccalieu.

For to leeward stood the island,
And to windward was the gale,
And the blinding sleet'd
cut you through and through;
With her lee rail three foot under,
Yes, and two hands at the wheel,
We hauled her from the cliffs of Baccalieu.

Yes, we hauled her to the southard,
And her canvas stood the strain,
And the blinding snow squalls
from the nordeast blew;
But our hearts were beatin' gladly,
When no longer could we view,
Down to leeward at the cliffs of Baccalieu.

####.... Jack Withers [1899-1964] ....####
First sung by Jack Withers in April, 1934, on the popular serial radio show The Adventures of the Irene B Mellon.

This variant recorded by Bristol's Hope with lead vocalist Anita Best (Lately Come Over, trk#7, A Year Of The Arts 1997 Project, published by Pigeon Inlet Productions, St John's, NL, produced by Sandy Morris and Kelly Russell, recorded and mixed at The Nickel Soundworks, St John's, NL).

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A variant was recorded as Cliffs Of Baccalieu by Ryan's Fancy (A Time With Ryan's Fancy, trk#5, ©1979, Boot Records, Mississauga, Ontario); and (Songs From The Shows, trk#4, Avondale Music, St John's, NL).

Liner Notes by Denis Ryan:
Baccalieu is an island approximately two miles offshore at the northern entrance to Conception Bay, Newfoundland. Sailing vessels returning from the Labrador fishery were quite often at the mercy of treacherous winds and turbulent seas so prevalent around this coastline.

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Also recorded by The Masterless Men (On The Run, trk#6, 2002, Landwash Distribution Company, Ltd).

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A variant was recorded by D'Arcy Broderick of Bay de Verde, NL (By Request, trk#6 , 2006, Independent, Torbay, NL).

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A variant was also recorded by Oceans Away (A Rock In The Ocean, trk#4, 2004, REA Studios, Puslinch, Ontario).

A variant was recorded by John White of St John's, NL (Voice Of Newfoundland / John White With The Ray Walsh Band, trk#5, 1966, International Artists, Toronto, Ontario).

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A variant was recorded by Harry Hibbs (The Incredible Harry Hibbs, trk#12, 1969, Arc Sound Ltd, Toronto, Ontario).

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From the American Meteorological Society Glossary:
Comber - a large wave that rolls over or breaks on a beach, reef, etc.

The video below features a variant recorded by Allison Crowe of Nanaimo, British Columbia and Corner Brook, NL (Newfoundland Vinyl, trk#4, 2013 LP and CD, Rubenesque Records Ltd, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia).

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#2374: YouTube video by Adrian22
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