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Some folks say cheerio
when they wave the hand to you,
The English say goodbye,
the French they say adieu;
But when Newfoundlanders part,
this wish leaps from the heart:
Long may your big jib draw!

It means may luck attend you,
may a fair wind fill your sails,
May your ship keep to her course
with ever favouring gales,
It reminds us of our heritage
of sea and sailing men,
And we'd like all hands to try it
when they say goodbye again.

You may lack a captain's ticket,
you may not know stem from stern,
P'raps you can't box the compass,
and perhaps you'll never learn,
But try it for a spell,
the way we say farewell:
Long may your big jib draw!

It's a wish from sailing days
when head winds meant delays,
And the stately old square-riggers
glided graceful on their ways,
The crew would hear the shout
as the canvas bellied out:
Long may your big jib draw!

We who call the ocean mother
often wander from her side,
But she claims her children's homage,
and she will not be denied;
So we pay that timeless fee
in the language of the sea,
With long may your big jib draw!

Ships may not stay in harbour,
there's another voyage ahead,
Friends may not always linger,
there are goodbyes to be said;
But make the parting gay,
speed your friend upon his way,
With long may your big jib draw!

Sometimes your vessel is becalmed
for days and weeks on end,
Sometimes the winds of life
will blow you off your course, my friend,
But the wind is sure to veer,
you must stay on board and steer,
And long, long, long may your big jib draw!

####.... Arthur R Scammell. Music by Mrs Elsie Anthony, Isabelle Scammell and Arthur R Scammell. © BMI Canada, Ltd, 1966 ....####
According to a typewritten music manuscript collected by Don Messer and archived in the Virtual Exhibits of the Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, the lyrics are by Arthur R Scammell and the music is by Arthur R Scammell, Isabelle Scammell and Mrs Elsie Anthony.

Recorded by Art Scammell (My Newfoundland, trk#4, 1974, Audat Records, Oshawa, Ontario).

Liner Notes by Art Scammell:
"I wrote most of these songs and verses many years ago when I was growing up in a Newfoundland outport" - Change Islands in Notre Dame Bay.

Published in Art Scammell's book, My Newfoundland, pp.136-137 (Harvest House, Montreal, 1966).

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