Johnny From Hazelgreen (Kenneth Peacock)

As I roved out one morning,
One morning before the sun,
I spied a pretty young maiden
Making a dreadful mourn;
I stepped up closely to her
To hear what she would mean,
When a crystal tear fell from her eye
For Johnny from Hazelgreen.

I said, "My pretty fair maid,
What makes you mourn like this,
Are your father and mother both dead
And gone and you left in distress?"
"My father and mother are both alive,
I regard them not one pin,
I would rather have my own true love,
Young Johnny from Hazelgreen."

What kind of a lad is your Johnny,
And whereabouts does he dwell?"
"He is so nice a young fellow
As ever my eyes beheld,
He is proper, tall, and handsome,
His shoulders broad and keen,
His hair hangs down in locks of gold,
Sweet Johnny from Hazelgreen.

Then she got up on a milk-white horse
And I got up on another,
We rode along together
Like a sister and a brother,
We rode up to a castle so high,
The like she had never seen,
And who spied her there but her own true love,
Young Johnny from Hazelgreen.

"You're welcome home, dear father,
You're welcome home to me,
You've brought to me the prettiest girl
That ever my eyes did see."
He gave her twenty kisses
Before he let her in,
And now she is the virtuous wife
Of young Johnny from Hazelgreen.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of an 18th-century Scottish ballad, John Of Hazelgreen [Child ballad #293] The English And Scottish Popular Ballads (1882-1898) edited by Francis James Child (Dover, 1965) ....####
Collected in 1959 from Mrs Clara Sophia Stevens [1916-1978] of Bellburns, NL, by Kenneth Peacock and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Volume 2, pp.537-538, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.

Kenneth Peacock noted that only the narrative essentials of this charming little ballad survive. Earlier variants have Johnny's father dressing the girl up in lovely clothes and jewels during their journey. She keeps protesting that she does not want to marry his eldest son, little knowing, of course, that he is actually her own Johnny from Hazelgreen.

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