Old Mokami (The Flummies) video
(High On The Mountain Of Old Mokami)
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Overlooking the waters of Lake Melville so grand,
One of the biggest in all this great land,
Proudly we watch as it flows to the sea,
From high on the mountain of Old Mokami.

The beautiful forest where the wildlife roam,
Where none but the free can ever call home,
Old Mother Nature lets anyone see,
From high on the mountain of Old Mokami.

Our mighty rivers are all of the best,
They flow from the north, the south and the west;
Their great, dancing waters so lovely to see,
From high on the mountain of Old Mokami.

The tall Mealey Mountains off to the southwest,
Where the caribou feed and the ptarmigan nest;
All these and more great wonders to see,
From high on the mountain of Old Mokami.

They can talk of their cities, their riches untold,
All the things that they bought with their silver and gold;
All the gold that they had couldn't buy what I see,
From high on the mountain of Old Mokami,
From high on the mountain of Old Mokami.

####.... Lyrics by Byron "Fiddler" Chaulk [1935-1993] of Pearl River, Labrador; music by Gerald Mitchell (The Labrador Balladeer) of Makkovik and Happy Valley, Labrador. (One of many of their musical collaborations. Gerald Mitchell has been credited as being the first person to bring the music of Labrador to the outside world) ....####
This variant recorded by the Flummies (Four Songs From Labrador, 1986).

The video above features a recording by The Flummies (25th Anniversary Album / The Flummies, trk#13, 2005, published by The Flummies, Goose Bay, NL).

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This song was originally recorded as High On The Mountain Of Old Mokami by Gerald Mitchell (The Hunt And Other Songs Of Labrador, trk#1, 1970, Marathon Music Incorporated, Toronto, Ontario, produced in co-operation with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and its station CFGB at Happy Valley, Labrador, with production and liner notes by Joe Goudie). Another recording was made by Gerald Mitchell on a compilation album with various artists (Our Labrador, trk#2, ©1993, Butter & Snow Productions, Norris Point, NL, recorded at CBC Radio, St John's, NL, and produced by Glen Tilley and Shirley Montague).

Liner Notes from Old Labrador: Though the lyrics describe the view from the top of Mokami Mountain, the song conjures up images of the vast unspoiled wilderness common throughout Labrador.

Notes: Mokami Mountain rises 485 meters or 1591 feet above sea level on the northwest shore of Lake Melville. It is a vibrant part of central Labrador culture and a permanent landmark for anyone travelling by land or water. It is the subject of many Labrador songs and stories, whose name is a reminder of the French Canadian settlement more than 200 years ago, Mont Commis, or Clerk's Mountain.


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