Here Comes The Hurricane (The Navigators)

Better board up your windows
Can't you hear the wind blow?
Don't you already know
It's comin' on strong and gettin' here fast
And the world you're livin' in now
Ain't even gonna last
It's crawlin' 'cross the ocean
The gear you set in motion
It's comin' back to haunt you, taunt you
Take you, shake you
Show you a little bit
Of your own magic potion
And maybe even take you in a new direction
Perfectly revealed and sealed for your protection
You keep hopin' to yourself
It's just a little rain, but in just a little time
Here comes the hurricane.

Your money and your magic,
your muscle and your hustle
Ain't gonna save you, it's already betrayed you
You only ever had the power or the punch
That you thought it gave you
You see the storm don't care
'Bout a game of truth or dare
'Bout the battle lines you've drawn
Or your castles in the air
It's just fire for the savage
Food for the famished
Revenge on the reckless
And a message to the vanished
That you cannot explain
You keep hopin' to yourself it's just a little rain
But it's the power and the glory
Not just another story in the mirror gettin' clearer
Here come's the hurricane.

Aw, back stabbin', money grabbin'
Hope stealin', double dealin'
Toxic waste, two-faced, punk-ass, son-of-a-bitch
Someone's about to pull the switch
You got your bean-countin' dollar-houndin'
Down to a science
Your silver and your soul in one unholy alliance
Your home grown light show on millionaire's row
Trump cards, body guards
But you got no place to go
And nothin' left to gain
No one to reach out to
No one's gonna feel your pain
So drop the future shock double talk
Get off the tight-rope walk
Better find a rock
'Cause here comes the hurricane.

####.... Dewey Kincade of The Navigators ....####
Recorded by The Navigators (Meet The Navigators, Velour Recordings, 2002).

Note: This is an American band, not to be confused with The Navigators from Newfoundland and Labrador.


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