Ode To The Newfie Bullet (V Saturley/M T Wall)
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And also: Lost Ties (Susan Lawrence)

The Newfie Bullet it is gone, like so many things I know,
Like the street cars and the bull's eyes shops and things of long ago;
Like cobblestones and schooners with their sails against the wind,
All the things I loved since boyhood gently going one-by-one.

In the long and lazy summers I remember as a boy,
I can hear once more the whistle of the train against the sky; (Woo Woo)
I can see the cinders flying as they shovelled in the coal;
And the air was filled with magic as the Newfie Bullet rolled.

Once again the Trouters Special seems to haunt me through the years,
As she left the old, old station 'mid a burst of happy cheers;
All the gang with poles and waders loudly singing one and all,
And the Screech was quickly opened as the dusk began to fall.

Down the misty lane of memory rolls the Five O'clock Express;
Passing through the Codroy Valley with an air of pomp and dress; (Click Click)
I can see the people waving as she sped with gentle ease,
And the voice of the conductor as he shouted, "Tickets, please."

It is sad to see the engines and the train we loved so well,
Pass away in all its glory with a final, long farewell;
It is not the service only we will miss as time goes on,
It's a way of life we cherished that will soon be past and gone.

In the stillness of the evening we will hear its sound no more,
As it sped across the Island like the happy days of yore;
Other forms of transportation only take its place in vain,
For to me and thousands like me there will always be that train.
Yes, that famous locomotive, the Newfie Bullet train.

####.... V Saturley / Michael T Wall, 1975 (Performing rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved) ....####
Recorded by Michael T Wall (Rodeo Iinternational Records, Montreal, 1975).

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From The Canadian Encyclopedia:
Newfie Bullet - affectionate but ironic name informally applied to the transinsular Newfoundland passenger railway in its latter days. A narrow-gauge train, winding 900 km around lakes and mountains from St John's to Channel-Port aux Basques (track completed in 1898), the Newfie Bullet was not noted for its speed. In the late 1960s the Canadian National Railway (CNR) replaced the subsidized passenger service with a bus service.

Note: Bull's Eyes - mouthwatering caramel candy with a cream center and a hint of vanilla flavor. Around 60 years ago, these rich candies were selling even better than gum and, today, remain a truly classic American candy of yesteryear.


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