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With huge thanks to JigZone.com for letting me upload my own images (lots and lots of images). The default for the number and cut/shape of the pieces is "48 Classic" but don't be afraid of trying some of the other cuts. The option to change the cut is on the left side of the actual puzzle page along with an option to "Shuffle the pieces", which simply brings to the top any pieces which might be covered up... FYI, each link above leads to a 'gallery' of 2 or more pages which is created by JigZone™. On the left, just under the title of each gallery, is a list of links to other galleries (Animals, Art, etc...). Those links lead to JigZone™ galleries, which also has tons of great puzzles to chose from. They do not, unfortunately, provide a link to my other galleries so each of mine is only accessible from this page...
Um, I think that's it... Have fun, be puzzled...