Using the Uploaders

Using the uploaders is similar to using the vidcap function on your WebTV Plus unit.

Vidcaps Digital Pics Scanned Images Eudoramail Using a Computer Using MSNTV2

Uploading Vidcaps, Digital Pics, and Scanned Images

For uploading vidcaps and digital or scanned pics, just hook up your video source (VCR, scanner or digital camera) and log into your account. Go into whichever directory you wish to upload the image, scroll down and click on the camera icon. This will bring up a screen with your pic in the "window". If you're trying to upload an image from a video, you will have to "freeze" the video to capture your image using the "freeze" button on the vidcap screen.

Once you have the image you want to upload, click the "add picture" button on the screen. You will see the picture appear where the camera icon used to be. Type in what you want to name the picture, and click the upload button. The image will be uploaded to the directory you're in.

Uploading from Eudoramail

The recent changes made by Eudoramail have caused the uploader to no longer function with their urls. We are currently researching alternative methods to accomplish the same task.

In the meantime, if you have an image attachment in an e-mail, the best way to get it into your WTV-Zone account is to upload it to your Webtv scrapbook, publish it on a Pagebuilder page, and use the Multi-file Beamer following these instructions

For zip or audio files that cannot be uploaded to your Scrapbook, you may e-mail them to me at the Help Zone along with your WTV-Zone account log in information, and I will upload them for you.

Uploading from a Computer

You can upload up to 10 files at one time using a computer. To do this, it's advisable to have all the files you want to upload in one folder on your computer, or even zipped into one file that can be uploaded at one time.

Just log into your WTV-Zone account, go into the directory in which you want to upload the files and scroll down to the bottom of the file manager. There you will see 10 (ten) "browse" buttons.

Click the first browse button, and the menu showing you the list of the files on your computer will pop up. Find the file(s) you want to upload in that menu, click on it and then click "open". This will load the location of that file into the window next to the browse button. Just repeat this process throughout the 10 browse buttons or however many files you want to upload, and then click "Upload Files".

How fast your connection is, along with how many and what size files you're trying to upload, will determine how fast this process occurs.

Here is an addendum to our tutorial for uploading from a computer. It includes vidcaps so that folks who are new to computers can see how things should appear during the process.

Uploading Made Easy by "Colonel Buckeye"

Thanks Dan!!

Uploading from MSNTV2

This procedure is similar to the one used with a PC. Instead of seeing the camera icon that you see with the "webbie", you will see the 10 browse buttons as does a PC user.

Click the first browse button, and you will go to a page with the following options:

Choose the device you would like to insert photos from, then choose Continue.

Photos saved on Internet & Media Player
Learn More

Photos from USB storage device
Learn More

Photos from home network
Learn More

If you're uploading from a camcorder or scanner, "Photo 1" would replace the "Learn More" under the first option. The MSNTV2 unit will show you which of these options is correct by listing the file you're trying to upload in that particular category.

Click the correct option, click "Continue" button and then "Upload Files" in the file manager, and ~voila~ the file will be uploaded into your account.

Again, the speed of this process will be determined by the size of the file you're uploading, the number of files (if more than one) you're uploading, and the speed of your internet connection.

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