Using Search and Replace

Search and Replace is a feature that will save you lots of time when editing pages that you have moved from other hosts, as well as any editing that requires multiple changes of the same item.

For example, say you move your site to the WTV-Zone from Angelfire. All of the addresses on your page are "absolute" links, like...<<>img src="">. You can use the Search and Replace feature to change any occurrence of to Or from to images/ to convert to "relative" links from "absolute" links. Make sense??

If you have a page with lots of images and your original page showed them as <<>img src="images/tinyangel.gif"> at Angelfire, and you put all those images in your gifs directory at the Zone, you can use the Search and Replace feature to change all occurrences of images to gifs.

If you prefer to use "absolute" links, be sure to leave out the http:// portion of the url in both the search and replace windows. For example: you would type.. in the search window, and in the replace window. All instances of the tripod url will be replaced by the wtv-zone url.

To use this feature, once you've beamed your pages to the Zone, log in and click "edit" to the right the page you want to work on. Once you're in the edit area, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see 2 text windows with a "replace" button in the middle of them.

In the left (search) window, type (or cc&p) the word or phrase you want to replace. Then, in the right (replace) window, type the new word or phrase you want to replace the old one with.

Once you've entered the text in both the search and replace windows, click the "replace" button. The page will refresh with the changes made. You can repeat this process until everything you want changed has been done.

The "case sensitive" checkbox is for when you want to change only a specific occurrence, like Gifs but not gifs, otherwise, just leave that checkbox empty.

NOTE: Do not use quotation marks in either of the fields or it will not function properly.

ADDENDUM: With the 2 latest upgrades by MSN, a workaround is required to make the search & replace feature function properly. Any browser versions prior to the 2.8 and 2.8.1 upgrades will not experience any difficulties with the "search & replace" and "save & continue" features. This workaround also makes these features functional for PC users who would rather edit in the file manager than on their PC.

Here is the procedure for the workaround:

(1) Do your search & replace (or save & continue) ..

(2) The page will refresh, and the beamer will be at the top, just above the edit box.

(3) Type the file name (blah-blah.html) you're editing in the "New Name" window, but DO NOT click the energize button.

(4) Scroll down and click the "save document" button.

Your changes will be made, and the document will save properly. To continue editing, simply click on the "edit" link next to the file name after viewing the page.

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